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ZENONIA S: Rifts in Time launched on Android and iOS!

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The highly-anticipated installment of GAMEVIL‘s RPG series ZENONIA has arrived worldwide on App Store and Google Play. Formerly known as ZENONIA Online in Korea (KakaoTalk), ZENONIA S: Rifts in Time is a 2D hack-and-slash action RPG, which features a strong emphasis on social interaction and full online multiplayer capabilities.

ZENONIA has been a highly popular and successful gaming franchise of GAMEVIL, and the company is hoping that the ZENONIA S: Rifts in Time will attract the fans of the previous series to continue playing in this new release.

Zenonia S - Characters

The game takes place in a parallel universe in which the game’s classic heroes have been summoned to the current world to save the human race. In this new installment, players can choose between one of the five unique classes – Regret (Slasher), Ecne (Ranger), Daza (Fighter), and Neal (Magician), as well as a new character Vishu (Assassin).

With their main character, players embark on this engaging adventure to save the Celestial Kingdom, defeating foes and battling through 9 different realms in the Story mode. Players can also team up with fellow players (teams of 4) from around the world in real-time to take down powerful bosses via the Boss Raid mode, and after that receive special rewards upon completing the raid.

Zenonia S - 1

Zenonia S - 2

There are also other modes that players can test their skills and earn great rewards such as the Fairy Tower or the Monster Wave modes.

Just like the previous series, ZENONIA S features cute chibi characters, both adorable and frightening monsters, and fluid, action combat gaming system (a trademark of the ZENONIA series).

Zenonia S - Equipments

Collect hundreds of pieces of equipment, customize your stats and skill build, and enhance your gears to make them more powerful. Join the online world of ZENONIA today and save the Celestial Kingdom!

ZENONIA S Official Trailer

Credits to: GamevilKorea

ZENONIA S Key Features

Cute 2D Graphics – Cute chibi characters and varied environments containing both adorable and frightening monsters and bosses.

Stage-based Levels – Explore 90 levels and defeat 141 types of monsters with many different environments to test your skills.

Fluid, Action Combat – One of the signatures of ZENONIA series. Smooth, hack-and-slash combat system with the ability to dash and use skills.

Interesting Storyline and Quest System – Immerse yourself into the story of Celestial Kingdom as you save the world with interesting NPCs and character development embedded into the game’s questing system.

Multiple Gaming Modes and Options – Compete against other players in asynchronous battles in the Arena, or take down powerful bosses in Boss Raids, or survive the Fairy Tower and Monster Wave modes.

Download ZENONIA S on App Store: itunes.apple.com/app/id869256380

Download ZENONIA S on Google Play: bit.ly/ZENONIASGooglePlay

For more information, visit www.gamevil.com

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