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GAMEVIL Soft Launched a Strategy RPG, Kingdom of War, on Android!

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GAMEVIL has just announced the soft launch of its newest mobile strategy RPG, Kingdom of War. The soft launch will be on 3rd June 2016 and be made available to all Android gamers via the Google Play Store in the following participating countries: Australia, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Sweden, Netherlands, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, India, Italy and Kuwait.

This game, developed by Play Earth, is a new mobile strategy RPG, which features a four-man party where players can form from a wide array of heroes in the game. With the newly formed team, players will then embark on an epic adventure with challenging quests to fight against evil.

The Kingdom of War has impressive graphics and realistic animations, presenting to gamers top-notch visual and gaming experience. Another key feature of the game is its unique “Tactical Mode” that freezes gameplay and allows players to take full control over the movement, skills, and attacks of their individual heroes. Through customization options and strategies development, players can suit the playing styles for the Kingdom of War towards their needs and different battle scenarios.

KoW - Tactical Mode

KoW - Battle and Conquer

KoW - Collect Heroes

KoW - Guardians

KoW - World Boss

Players can also utilize teamwork and tactics in Conquest Battle in an all-out territorial battle against competing guilds to claim the throne and rule the land!

Kingdom of War Key Features

Freeze time for Tactical Mode – Players gain full control over battles, allowing them to deploy well-thought tactics to win against enemies.

High-quality Graphics – Impressive graphics and realistic animations with dynamic skill effects.

Collect and Grow Allies – Players can collect ally fragments and grow over 50 different allies to create the most powerful troop with allies and guardians of exclusive capabilities!

Massively Entertaining Content – Acquire abundant rewards in special dungeons: Treasure Hunt, Escort Mission, and Altar Purification. Play against other players in the Arena, Raid, and various PVP modes.

Kingdom of War Gamplay

Credits to : AndroidGameplayNet

Download Kingdom of War here: bit.ly/KoW

“Like” Kingdom of War on Facebook: facebook.com/kingdomofwargame

For more information, visit www.gamevil.com

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Vincent Wee
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