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ErgoSilver : The Laptop Stand You’ve Been Waiting For



Reading time: 3 min read



Reading time: 3 min read

ErgoSilver is a stylish laptop stand, specially designed by Primero. It is made from premium aluminum alloy, silver anodized and sandblasted to perfection. It features a simple and evergreen design that works to upgrade the ergonomics of your workspace.

With advancement in technology and increasing need for mobility, laptops are becoming the preferred device for work and leisure. According to statistics, the number of laptop users is more than the number of desktop users since 2010, and this trend will be very likely to maintain in the near future.

ErgoSilver - Position

Despite being extraordinarily versatile, laptops are ergonomically not ideal. The more time we spend on them, the more we hunch over them, causing pain in our neck, shoulders, and back. This issue will bring about major health problems on the prolonged usage of laptops due to bad screen position and sitting style.

Therefore, the ErgoSilver laptop stand is what you need to solve all your woes:

Classy & Premium Design

ErgoSilver at Workplace

ErgoSilver - C-Design

ErgoSilver - Dimensions

Unlike other laptop stands which are somewhat complicated, ErgoSilver has an unassuming, simple design and absolutely nothing flashy about it. It has a C-shape design with a flat top surface for the laptop to rest on comfortably. The top surface has four rubberized silica gel pads that provide added friction to prevent the laptop from sliding down. They also prevent scratches when the laptop is placed on the stand. The aluminium panel provides better heat dissipation that cools down the laptop ten times faster than other kinds of material. This feature prevents your laptop from being overheated. Despite its simple design, Primero drills down to the details such as its cable organizer outlet at the back and a keyboard stash that allows you to tuck the keyboard under, so that you can keep your workspace neat.

Durable and Sturdy Built

Other than its clean design, ErgoSilver also provides the need to have a safe working environment. Built to last, ErgoSilver is engineered with a solid piece of aluminum alloy that offers excellent stability. Weighing about 1.4kg, it is a laptop stand that does not topple over easily, when you accidentally knock onto it, thus providing an ease of mind without worrying that the laptop would end up on the floor. Through my own tests (using dumb-bells), the laptop stand can withstand approximately close to 6-8kg of weight.

Great Compatibility

ErgoSilver - Macbook 1

ErgoSilver - Macbook 2

ErgoSilver - iPad 2

ErgoSilver - Asus ROG

With the top surface at 237mm by 253mm, the laptop stand is compatible with most devices. One of Primero’s main focus is about compatibility. Having able to be used across devices, provides you the opportunity to switch devices as and when you like. It also keeps things simple without a need to purchase a different product or add-ons to be used with other devices. Further testing proves that the laptop stand can work well for MacBook Pro (about 1.37kg), iPad 2 (about 0.61kg) and reasonably well for Asus ROG (about 2.5kg). The most significant drawback is the compatibility with odd-shaped devices, such as the Asus ROG. From my test, the Asus ROG does not come in contact with the two front rubberized silica gel pads due to its large size and odd base. Nevertheless, the Asus ROG still sits nicely on the laptop stand due to the subtle curved design on the front and the two back rubberized silica gel pads.

My Take on Primero’s ErgoSilver Laptop Stand

It is a simple, solid piece of aluminum angled perfectly (its 20 degree tilt) to keep your laptop elevated, cool, and the screen opened to just the right angle so you can see it while you are working. Currently, Ergosilver is covered by a 30-Day In-Home-Trial period which means that it is entirely risk-free when you purchase the Ergosilver from Primero. Priced at $49.90 (U.P. $52.40), ErgoSilver is something that you should get to change the way you use your laptop, as you will never have to experience neck, arm, or back pain ever again. If you are not looking for a laptop stand, you may also want to explore their other offerings such as dining tables, sofas, etc.

Primero is an online e-commerce startup that focuses on selling unique furniture and home accessories at affordable prices. The team continuously works on getting new, exclusive designs directly from furniture manufacturers around the world.

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