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AI analytics company AiSensum receives seed funding from 500 Startups

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Indonesian startup, AiSensum, announced that it has received seed funding of an undisclosed amount from 500 Startups.

Launched in February 2018 and with offices in Jakarta, Singapore, and Bangalore, this Indonesian startup uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help companies create analytics reports that help decision makers understand their business and make data-driven decisions. At the same time, these big data can be used to generate additional revenue streams through their Data Monetisation Partnerships.

The startup uses its AI platform OctoPi, running on NLG (Natural Language Generation), to mine and analyze the different data points. The AI algorithms will then generate insights based on the data assets in addition to providing advanced analytics, then shares the results through dashboards. Meaningful insights such as market share, trends, price elasticity, customer segmentation, and other others will be made available through these dashboards.

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The startup believes that there are critical information gaps across industries, and the traditional way of conducting surveys to gather insights has become inefficient. It leverages on several partnerships, opening up information to the data assets of e-commerce, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, and finance sectors in Southeast Asia and its platform analyses over 45 million transactions for these customers.

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