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In brief: Google to introduce a new YouTube series on SEO myths

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Google is preparing to introduce a new video series about SEO myths which are drastically different from its previous videos. This “SEO Mythbusting” series will be hosted by Google’s Martin Splitt and will be published on Google Webmasters YouTube channel.

  • Splitt recently completed a video series on JavaScript SEO.
  • Google’s previous videos have been following the same uninspired format of one person talking directly into a camera.
  • In this series, Google has dramatically improved on this format by using multiple camera angles and filming on what looks like a soundstage.
  • The topics which might be covered include Googlebot, JavaScript frameworks, apps, communication between SEOs and developers, as well as SEO best practices.
  • The first episode is scheduled to come out in two weeks.

Video credit: Google Webmasters
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Simon Cohen
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