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In brief: China’s Ctrip teams up with 10 ride-hailers worldwide to offer mobility service in 785 cities

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  • China’s largest online travel agency, Ctrip, announced on Friday that it has integrated 10 ride-hailing services across the world into its own app to offer various mobility services such as private ride booking or a chartered van renting across 785 cities.
  • Lyft and Grab, startups that offer ride-hailing service in the United States and Southeast Asia respectively, are linked up with Ctrip.
  • Ctrip also partners with Cabify, which covers Portugual, Spain, Mexico and other South American countries and ties with Careem, which operates in West Asia and North Africa.
  • Gett, which covers Great Britain, Russia and Israel, is also connected through Ctrip’s app now.
  • Other partners include Liftago, which covers Czech and Slovakia, Germany’s Taxi Deutschland and Bolt, Belgium’s Taxis Verts, and the Netherland’s TCA.
  • As Ctrip’s app is mainly catered for the Chinese market, this move is also mainly to facilitate Chinese tourists who travel overseas.
  • Ctrip also provides online translation to help its users communicate with local drivers and also enables payment in RMB, according to the press release.
  • Last year, Ctrip teamed with ride-hailing aggregator, Splyt, which allies with all these 10 platforms, to offer pick-up and drop-off services, on Trip.com, the Chinese online travel agency’s Asia Pacific brand.
  • Now, its Chinese app offers more options for mobility via this ride-hailing integration and provide its users with more convenience.
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