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In brief: Google Cloud makes another acquisition

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  • Google Cloud is making another acquisition as the company plans to buy cloud storage company Elastifile, Google announced Tuesday.
  • Google did not put a price tag on the deal in its release, but said it is expected to close later this year.
  • Google has been looking to expand its cloud business under Kurian, who joined the team in November, replacing previous Google Cloud CEO, Diane Greene.
  • Google has lagged behind cloud leaders Amazon and Microsoft, which each hold a large chunk of the market.
  • According to a report from Canalys, Google had 7.6% of the cloud market share at the end of 2018 compared with 13.7% for Microsoft and 32% for Amazon.
  • In June, Google announced plans to acquire data analytics company, Looker, for US$2.6 billion in what would be Kurian’s first major acquisition at the company.
  • The Elastifile deal adds even more technology to Google Cloud’s offering.
  • Google said Elastifile will be integrated with Google Cloud Filestore, allowing for broader computing and storage capabilities.
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