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Japanese artists turn countries and their flags into anime characters for 2020 Tokyo Olympics

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While Tokyo is busy preparing for the upcoming 2020 Olympics, people around the globe are already psyched for it. A few Japanese artists have come together to create an unofficial promotion campaign for the big event by drawing inspiration from a subject they’re incredibly passionate about – anime.

The characters are designed using the countries’ flags incorporated into cool Japanese traditional clothes such as a samurai, firefighter, monk and others. While the project is not affiliated with the Japanese government or the Olympics, the quality of work put into each design is rather impressive.

#1 Mexico

2020 Tokyo Olympics - Mexico

#2 Philippines

2020 Tokyo Olympics - Philippines

#3 UK

2020 Tokyo Olympics - UK

#4 Vietnam

2020 Tokyo Olympics - Vietnam

#5 Venesuela

2020 Tokyo Olympics - Venesuela

#6 South Korea

2020 Tokyo Olympics - South Korea

#7 Japan

2020 Tokyo Olympics - Japan

#8 China

2020 Tokyo Olympics - China

#9 Malaysia

2020 Tokyo Olympics - Malaysia

#10 South Africa

2020 Tokyo Olympics - South Africa

#11 Italy

2020 Tokyo Olympics - Italy

#12 Finland

2020 Tokyo Olympics - Finland

#13 Sweden

2020 Tokyo Olympics - Sweden

#14 Canada

2020 Tokyo Olympics - Canada

#15 Spain

2020 Tokyo Olympics - Spain

#16 Belgium

2020 Tokyo Olympics - Belgium

#17 France

2020 Tokyo Olympics - France

#18 Germany

2020 Tokyo Olympics - Germany

#19 Switzerland

2020 Tokyo Olympics - Switzerland

#20 Argentina

2020 Tokyo Olympics - Argentina

#21 Singapore

2020 Tokyo Olympics - Singapore
2020 Tokyo Olympics - Singapore 2

#22 Norway

2020 Tokyo Olympics - Norway

#23 Thailand

2020 Tokyo Olympics - Thailand

#24 Indonesia

2020 Tokyo Olympics - Indonesia

#25 Brazil

2020 Tokyo Olympics - Brazil

#26 Netherlands

2020 Tokyo Olympics - Netherlands

#27 India

2020 Tokyo Olympics - India

#28 Russia

2020 Tokyo Olympics - Russia

#29 Denmark

2020 Tokyo Olympics - Denmark

#30 USA

2020 Tokyo Olympics - USA
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Felicia Calle
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