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Ultimate guide for sending bulk emails

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The ultimate power of email marketing is hard to underestimate. After all, it has an impressive ROI and shows tremendous results.

According to a study done by Campaign Monitor, for each $1 you spend on high-quality email marketing campaigns, you get back $44. 

Sending bulk emails is an important part of many marketing campaigns. No, we aren’t talking about any spam here. Sending messages to numerous recipients at once could cut your campaign costs and bring formidable profits.

What is the right approach to sending bulk emails? In this article, we’ll talk about what bulk emailing is and how to make it work for you. Read on!

What is bulk emailing?

Bulk mail is a message sent by a company to several recipients simultaneously. Its goal could be to notify clients about changes, promote new services, sell goods, develop better relationships, and much more.

The most common types of bulk emails are:

Newsletters – sent to keep clients in the loop about news in the company. Usually, these letters contain useful information to help potential customers make the right decision about a purchase.

Promotional materials – sent to notify subscribers about special offers and deals while improving brand awareness. These emails may also contain suggestions for a certain group of clients. Such bulk mailing requires proper email list segmentation.

Acquisition messages – aimed at clients who haven’t yet made a purchase. They usually contain special deals for new clients or information that may push the person to convert.

Retention emails – aimed at existing clients to encourage them to stay with the company and make new purchases while keeping loyalty to the brand.

To make sending bulk emails easier, companies tend to take advantage of bulk email services. They save marketing specialists time and money. Such services help companies send messages to numerous email lists at the time they need. These services can send messages to any list regardless of their size.

Meanwhile, email bulk services help marketers avoid spam folders or blacklists. Unless you don’t have large mailing lists, it’s usually an excellent choice to opt for such a service.

Let’s go on to the steps you need to take to ensure the success of your bulk emailing campaign.

1. Clean your email list

The key to reaping the benefits of your bulk emailing efforts is cleaning your email address list. If you start sending bulk emails to nonexistent or suspicious addresses, your domain is likely to be blacklisted pretty soon.

Meanwhile, your bounce rate will go up, making it much tougher to send emails to real recipients.

According to email validation experts at Byteplant, with the right approach to email list cleaning, you can maintain the bounce rate at about 2% or less.

Never purchased ready-to-use email lists for bulk mailing. You’ll be wasting efforts on offering products and services to people who don’t need them. Instead of increasing brand awareness, you’ll be losing your good reputation.

2. Find a bulk mailing service

If you have a large and clean mailing list, you need a top-notch bulk mailing services. A high-quality bulk mailing tool is usually part of a good email marketing service.

This service should help you create engaging messages while offering a simple interface. The majority of such services has drag-and-drop interfaces for easier use.

It should allow you to send bulk emails while implementing personalization options. The service should help you segment your email list into groups and provide simple options for sending messages to different lists simultaneously.

The most important thing that should be done by such a service is helping your emails avoid spam folders.

Some of the most popular email marketing services that can help you with bulk emailing are:

3. Beef up your email list segmentation

Segmentation is the key to proper bulk emailing. It’s up to your marketing team to segment the email list into proper groups so all recipients get the promotional and informational materials they can appreciate.

Here are five ways you can segment your email list for bulk messaging:

Ask a question – the easiest step is to ask for the clients’ preferences by emailing them.

Learn the location – in many cases, you can segment an email list simply by learning the location of your clients.

Study purchasing behavior – purchasing behavior insights can help you understand which offers are suitable for which audience.

Focus on your relationship history – divide your recipients into groups: potential clients and existing clients.

Demographics – divide your email list into segments by using demographics, such as age, gender, education level, etc.

4. Polish your content

The tricky part about making your bulk email campaign work is to come up with content suitable for all of the recipients you are sending messages to. The special offers, deals, and newsletter emails must be designed to suit the needs of the recipients.

While segmentation can help you achieve a little more personalization, you still have to create a message that suits dozens or even hundreds of people. To do that, you have to spend sufficient time studying your clients’ needs and preferences to make sure your content appears attractive to them.

Make your content visual. By using images and videos, you are likely to attract your clients’ attention faster than with text.

Final thoughts

Bulk emailing could be a solution to your marketing team has been looking for. Reaching hundreds of recipients by sending one message is a priceless way to books the email marketing ROI. Take the above steps to ensure your campaign is successful. 

Maria Victoria M
Maria Victoria M
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