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Top picks: The best dehumidifier in Singapore for 2020

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Vincent Wee
Vincent Wee
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A dehumidifier is what you need to combat the high humidity in Singapore due to its constant rainy weather and high temperature. When the sun’s rays contact humid air, heat is trapped, leaving you feeling hot and bothered at home and work. Adding a dehumidifier to your home or at work will gently remove the excess moisture from the air, and you’ll feel more comfortable and efficient.

De’Longhi DEX16

Top picks The best dehumidifier in Singapore for 2020 - DEX16 (D)

The workhorse entry on our list is going to start things off and with good reason. Reliability and performance go hand in hand here to ensure that there’s nothing left to chance. Ideal if you just want a simple, budget unit that gets the job done when more complex devices struggle to keep up. 


  • Good water capacity (2000 ml) and high extraction rate despite its size 
  • Low noise which is perfect for light sleepers
  • Compact and modern design that is built to last
  • Comes with a drying clothes function


  • There’s no timer and only one fan mode
  • Missing wheels for the extra portability

novita ND838 Dehumidifier

Top picks The best dehumidifier in Singapore for 2020 - ND838 (D)

Among the many dehumidifiers available, The novita ND838 stands head and shoulder above the rest. With adaptable filtering technology, this machine is an excellent choice for HDB apartments and condos where the small space can see the humidity and air temperature change rapidly.

The other thing we loved about it is how simple and intuitive the machine proved to be. It is easy to setup and operate, thanks to the clear controls, giving us the confidence that we had everything set up just how the company intended. 


  • A highly functional and robust piece of machine 
  • Adapts to any environment with ease 
  • Ability to produce millions of negative ions with its semi-permanent built-in ionizer to eliminate airborne allergens and germs
  • Comes with one of the biggest tank capability (6000 ml) in the list


  • Very bulky and takes a big space
  • Can be a little bit noisy if operating at the highest speed

Olee Premier Aqua

Top picks The best dehumidifier in Singapore for 2020 - ND2000 (D)

When you want a dehumidifier that’s not going to hit your wallet hard but still do the job, this could certainly be worth a closer look. There are limited programming options and set points, but if you’re willing to trade that for affordability, then this machine could be what you are looking for.


  • A great entry-level model for those of you on a budget
  • Ready to use right out of the box in just a few seconds 
  • Compact and petite for space-saving around the apartment


  • Very little modes and options as compared to the rest
  • May have to be doubled up for larger spaces
  • A very small tank capacity (2000 ml)

novita PuriDry™ 2-In-1 Dehumidifier ND2000

Top picks The best dehumidifier in Singapore for 2020 - ND2000 (D)

If you want a classic 2-in-1 solution, then the ND2000 is seemingly always ready and waiting to get things done for you. The unique approach not only cools but freshens the air so that you never have to worry about a thing. That makes it an excellent choice for parents and young families who want to help their little ones sleep right through the night. 


  • Wide range of speeds and timing options 
  • Purifies as well as dehumidifies so you can relax in style 
  • Energy-efficient, particularly with its auto standby mode
  • Ability to produce millions of negative ions with its semi-permanent built-in ionizer to eliminate airborne allergens and germs
  • The chemical pollutant sensor shows the current air quality with 5 colored light indicators


  • The design is dated and does not look great
  • Smaller tank capacity (4000 ml) compared to ND838 which is of the same price range

Philips Series 5000 (DE5205/30)

Top picks The best dehumidifier in Singapore for 2020 - Philips Series 5000 (D)

Finally, we come to the dehumidifier that came out from the research labs at Philips. This company adds quality and reliability to any market they enter, so it’s not hard to see why we added their latest offering to our field test. It’s intuitive to use, reliable, and easy to maintain.


  • A robust piece of kit from one of the biggest names in the industry 
  • The healthy air protect alert lets you know promptly when it is time to replace the filter
  • 5 fan speed setting gives you all the flexibility of usage to suit your preference


  • Not the quietest entry on this list 
  • The filter does not contain carbon to remove odor

Final Thoughts 

Now that you’ve heard everything, we have to say it’s over to you to find the perfect dehumidifier to meet your needs. Take your time, don’t be afraid to go a little over budget to get a lot more in return, and make sure you put your new arrival through its paces. If you do these three things, you’ll be sure to be relaxing right through the year.

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