Sunday, August 9, 2020

Stay safe in the apocalypse with the invincible ARMORTRUCK

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Felicia Calle
Felicia Calle
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We all love our planet, and no one would like to see it end, but truth be told, we all have a soft spot for apocalyptic situations. While of course, it won’t be thematic as we see it in the Hollywood movies most of us can entertain the romanticization of survivalist machinery that includes the likes of Milne Ivanov’s monstrous ARMORTRUCK concept.

If an intense apocalyptic science fiction plot were to unfold, most of us would be extremely happy to take the new apocalyptic surroundings in this sophisticated, futuristic SUV. This exceptional machine was crafted by Milne Ivanov, a well-known designer who previously worked for notable companies such as DreamWorks, Rimac, and Vilner.

From his expertise in conceptual platforms, Ivanov decided to make something a little bit different and introduced a sharp, bodywork, angular, gullwing-inspired entries, and a suite of high-end LED illumination that can stave off the darkness in the world on the wake of destruction.

Inside this futuristic machine, you will find a comfortable seating area which is outfitted with Alcantara and black leather upholstery, a touchscreen navigation system, and race-inspired cockpit accessories to keep you safe.

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