Google rolls out new Telehealth and COVID-19 GMB links for healthcare providers

by Simon Cohen

Google has been providing updates and advice about COVID-19 to local businesses consistently. In an update that is specifically meant for medical and health professionals, Google has introduced two links in the GMB (Google My Business) dashboard. Erica Paige made this discovery before being picked up by Mike Blumenthal.

Google has dedicated these GMB links to medical and healthcare professionals. Telemedicine is a custom service, and it can be added to a GMB profile, and it is likely going to be there long after the COVID-19 pandemic. Also, there is an added COVID-19 information link that can take a user directly to the relevant information.

Why does it matter?

Google has made it a priority to serve healthcare practitioners during this period, where there is reduced staff for most marketers. Consequently, a lot of GMB updates have been taking longer than the process we are all used to.

Recently, Google released a solid guide for healthcare providers. Its goal is to help them make COVID-19 information more accessible to its users through Google search.

The search engine is trying as much as possible to make healthcare information more accessible to healthcare workers, and these links are just a part of the greater effort for the same. It also created a technical support group for health organizations across the world.

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