Jabra Elite 65t: Decent sports earbuds for true wireless experience

Jabra Elite 65t Decent sports earbuds for true wireless experience

There are literally thousands of choices when it comes to wireless earbuds. Some are wireless, some are cheap, some are classy, and some are really expensive. But the right one for you depends on your preference and the amount of money you are willing to spend. Today, we will review the Jabra Elite 65t earbuds and you can see if they are worth your money.

The Jabra Elite 65t were released in March, 2018 and most users recognized them as some of the best truly wireless earbuds in the market, although they were a bit pricier than their competition then. It perfectly balances great features, sound quality, and usability. The earbuds are very reliable and their battery life is exceptional, so you won’t need to charge your earbuds every hour, making them handy when you are going out hiking or something like that.

They’re easy to carry around, and block enough noise to also be suitable for commuting, and sports. They’re also fairly easy-to-use once you get familiar with the controls.

Jabra Elite 65t Decent sports earbuds for true wireless experience - Box Front
Jabra Elite 65t – neat box
Jabra Elite 65t Decent sports earbuds for true wireless experience - Box
Comes with a 2-years warranty

Unique design, but slightly large

Jabra Elite 65t’s design is not the best in the world, but the design is understandable as they were going for a mature look. The earbuds are slightly larger than most truly wireless in-ears and are angled.

Jabra Elite 65t Decent sports earbuds for true wireless experience - Unbox
The left and right earbuds

The charging case and the earbuds are made of plastic, but they still give you a feeling that it is a premium product. The earbuds have a nice and soft plastic touch which makes them feel quite comfortable even when you are using it for long hours. Another good news is that the plastic build means that these are lightweight and will not feel like they’re weighing down your ears. 

The charging case of the Jabra Elite 65t is almost if not the same size as the Apple Air Pods case and it features a microUSB charging port (which might be a problem to some people as most phones and laptops use USB-C), and it is a bit slippery. It is not magnetic nor does it have any springs, making it feels like another cheap case. Unlike the X-mini Liberty, where there is a magnetic snap when you place the earbuds back into the charging dock, giving it a stable connection for charging. The earbuds of the Jabra Elite 65t are not magnetic as well, so you must make sure to orient them the right way before you close the lid.

Jabra Elite 65t Decent sports earbuds for true wireless experience - Earbuds2
The charging case

The earbuds comes with some perforations which enables the mic to get your voice whenever you are on a call. These perforations also enables the outside sound mix with whatever you are listening to. What’s more, you can easily customize how much sound from the outside you want to let in on the Jabra’s app, available on Playstore and iOS store.

The Jabra Elite 65t also has an IP55 rating, which helps to protect the earbuds from rain, spills, or sweat that can potentially cause some damage to your investment. All in all, the Jabra Elite 65t still feels great and they are much better than most of their competition.

Simple controls with added customization via the app

The control scheme of the Jabra Elite 65t is impressive, but at first, the layout maybe confusing to some people. There are two main buttons on the earbuds and with them, you can pause, play, skip forward or backward, control volume, and activate voice assistant for Google assistant or Siri.

The app allows you to customize several presets for situations, including relaxing, commuting, and others. There is a small problem for Android users, though. As an Android user, you will need to download a different Jabra Service app to use the primary Jabra Sound + app.

Average performance, but not impressive

Using the Jabra Elite 65t is a pleasure. The earbuds turns on automatically immediately after removing them from the case, and truly, not all wireless headphones can do this. And they turn off automatically once you place them back into the charging case. That’s a huge boost to a lot of people who forget to turn their headphones off after using them.

Jabra Elite 65t Decent sports earbuds for true wireless experience - Earbuds1
The earbuds turn on and off when you take or put them back to the case

Wireless performance is okay, considering that drops were very rare, but they only happen occasionally where the music stuttered abit. The headphones connected to the phone immediately and you will be ready to go. The right earbud acts as the master of the earbuds but you can use one at a time. However, you will need to use the right earbud if you want to receive calls with a single earbud.

The sound quality is average, where the bass has decent impact and extension. The music is not harsh on your ears and they have an okay bass. And as stated before, you can block external noises with the Jabra’s app and whenever you need to let in some external noise, you can do so as the external mics are designed to pump some outside audio whenever you need it. However, if you’re a basshead, the Jabra Elite 65t earbuds aren’t for you. 

The battery of the earbuds is excellent. It can last for more than five hours when you are listening to music nonstop. The charging case gives you two additional charges, giving you a total of 15 hours of listening. That’s more than enough time for listening, don’t you agree?

Jabra Elite 65t: Final thoughts

Everything considered, the Jabra Elite 65t true wireless earbuds are one of the better wireless earbuds in the market you can buy. Performance is average, and the design is a bit odd, but it is understandable given that they wanted to give the earbuds a mature, understated look. The battery life of the earbuds is impressive and the controls are also quite good. The charging case could use more work, but it still protects the earbuds from minor impacts and drops. We hope that in the future they will consider adding magnetic straps on the case and earbuds. All in all, the earbuds are decent and they are worth considering.

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