Now you can delete all comments you don’t like on your Instagram account all at once

Now you can delete all comments you don’t like on your Instagram account all at once

Instagram is a fantastic social media platform where you can show people how creative you are, and it is also an excellent marketplace for business owners who wants to reach out to more customers. But like Twitter and YouTube, Instagram can be a perfect place to get bullied by the keyboard “warriors.”

Users on the platform usually bully people by leaving degrading comments on posts, and they can also mention and tag people in mean comments. But now Instagram is giving you more power over comments on your photos, plus mentions and tags.

In a post, Instagram revealed that they would be rolling out several new features to help users tackle negative comments and unwarranted mentions and tags. 

One of the features is giving users the ability to delete negative comments in bulk. Sometimes a post can have lots of negative comments, and removing all of them can be hard as you have to delete one by one. Some people even leave them be and decides never to use the platform again, or deactivates the account. With this feature, it will be a little easier to delete these nasty, mean comments.

How to do it

Delete comments in bulk

On iOS, tap on any comment and then tap on a dotted icon that appears on the top right corner. Click on Manage Comments and select the comments you want to delete, you can delete up to 25 comments simultaneously.

On Android, press and hold on any comment and then tap on the dotted line that appears, from there, select Block or Restrict. You can highlight the positive comments easily by pining them. The feature will roll out soon, according to Instagram’s post. 

Highlight positive comments

You can also manage your tags and mentions.

Instagram added that they have noticed that tags and mentions are being used by some users to bully others. That’s why they will also roll out new controls that will give you the control of allowing users who can mention or tag you.

To gain control, head over to Settings, and select Privacy. From Privacy, select Tags or Mentions and configure the way people mention or tags you. You can even choose not to let anyone mention or tag you at all. 

Manage tag and mention

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