Singapore’s 4th telco TPG will offer free unlimited data roaming in Malaysia and Indonesia

by Simon Cohen

Singapore’s fourth telco, TPG Telecom, is offering its 200,000 mobile users free unlimited data when they roam in Malaysia and Indonesia. As these two countries are two of Singaporean’s top favorite travel destination, therefore by offering free unlimited data roaming, their customers will be able to save and break free from existing high roaming charges.

The offer will most likely be introduced from mid-July onwards, allowing TPG’s users to make unlimited calls to Singapore mobile numbers while traveling to Malaysia and Indonesia. However, there is a limit of 20 minutes for calls to Singapore fixed-line numbers. Their customers will also enjoy free incoming calls and SMSes. The company also plan to offer a stored-value facility for users to top up using their credit cards for payment of any other charges incurred.

TPG launched its mobile service in Singapore with a SIM-only plan that includes unlimited data and unlimited mobile-to-mobile calls. The company claims that it has nearly 200,000 users to date.

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