Xiaomi Viomi 4L Smart Water Dispenser: Convenience for the modern Singapore home

Xiaomi VIOMI 4L Smart Water Dispenser Convenience for the modern Singapore home

The Xiaomi Viomi 4L Smart Water Dispenser is a smart home device that is capable of water heating, and it is one that is integrated with the latest technology that consumers have available to them. 

From integrated smartphone access (not available in Singapore) to a sleek and modern design coupled with features that any Singaporean consumer could want, we’ll tell you why we think the Xiaomi Viomi 4L Smart Water Dispenser is not only the next-generation of water dispenser but also a new, indispensable product that is great for the modern Singapore home.

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Minimalist and smart design that is child-friendly

Starting with the device’s appearance, consumers will note that the Viomi is compact, sleek, and safe. Designed for consumers of all ages, the Viomi Smart Water Dispenser is safe to operate for young children, as well as adults. Integrated with your smartphone and accompanying app, the Viomi Smart Water Dispenser lets you set the desired water temperature and offer you real-time information on the amount of water in your unit. 

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In terms of water temperature settings, the Viomi can maintain water at one of three presets, including room temperature, 50°C, and 100°C. 

The uppermost temperature is ideal for tea, instant coffees, soups, and other applications. Users can also set a customized temperature on their devices using the app. 

These settings can be stored as a favorite setting so that the Viomi knows precisely how you like what when you use it in the future. 

Temperature accuracy is plus or minus a degree, thus giving the Viomi Smart Water Dispenser the kind of precision that coffee and tea connoisseurs like to see when shopping for an instant hot water dispenser. 

Storing up to four liters of water at a time, the tank’s water level is visible from the unit. The set temperature is displayed on the unit using internal LED lights, giving consumers all of the relevant information they need. 

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The Viomi Smart Water Dispenser can heat up to twenty liters of water per hour under heavy usage scenarios. 

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All of these features come in a small unit footprint that not only takes up little space wherever it is placed but is also easy to move around and store if needed. The water dispenser measurements are 30 x 35 x 15 cm, with a weight of approximately 2.5kg. 

Easy setup with plug-and-play capabilities

Ease of setup is not always a given with smart devices, and often, the more simple the promise, the more complex the process of getting everything going can be. Knowing this, many smart devices try to keep things as simple as possible with plug-and-play features that any consumer can efficiently operate. Such is the case with the Viomi Smart Water Dispenser. 

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From the design of its external button icons to the intuitive, user-friendly app, this instant hot water dispenser does not make anything needlessly complicated and, indeed, is ready to provide you with as much, or as little, modern convenience as needed – just as a hot water dispenser should. 

It’s an uncomplicated, elegant device that does what it promises, consistently and reliably. 

When you’re looking for any hot water dispenser, those are some of the “must-haves.” Still, the Viomi Smart Water Dispenser takes it to the next level with features that are truly next generation and a step above your everyday electric water heater. 

3 Modes for accurate adjustment

We discussed the unit’s accuracy about temperature settings earlier, and we cannot stress enough how consistent this smart device is when it comes to performance here. 

The presets will probably be good enough for 90% of users and usage scenarios. Still, for those that need something more specific, the Viomi’s app integration allows you to get the temperature you want. You can create your own presets or adjust them on the fly. 

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What makes this ideal for most consumers is that you can set it and forget it – whether using a preset or custom setting – and, given the unit’s capability of heating reasonably large quantities of water on an hourly basis, this device is perfect for the office environment as well as the home. 

Usually, when you get this many options with a product, you have a few drawbacks that make it a less compelling offer, but Xiaomi has done their homework when it comes to hot water dispensers and integrating them with smart technology, and it shows with the Viomi. 

The verdict: Xiaomi Viomi 4L Smart Water Dispenser

In a crowded space, it’s tough for appliance manufacturers to stand out to discerning consumers. The Xiaomi Viomi 4L Smart Water Dispenser is designed for the modern Singaporean lifestyle and will become an indispensable part of your kitchen or office appliances. 

From smartphone integration to a sleek, portable design and useful, intuitive features to a reputation for reliability and quality, this smart device is a testament to Xiaomi’s dedication to making the smart technology of tomorrow affordable and accessible to the consumer today. 

Whether you are looking for an instant hot water dispenser for your home or office, we urge you to consider this product from Xiaomi – especially if you haven’t considered a smart product in this category before. Best-equipped to meet a range of usage scenarios, the Xiaomi product is the perfect complement to Singaporean consumers’ modern, fast-paced life. 

  • Design
    9/10 Amazing
  • Performance
    7/10 Good
  • Features
    6/10 Normal
  • Price
    8/10 Very good
Total Score

The Good

  • Minimalist and smart design
  • Easy to setup and use
  • Temperature accuracy with presets capability

The Bad

  • Lack of water filter
  • App access is not yet available in Singapore
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