Zuellig Pharma acquires Singapore-based healthcare startup, Klinify

Zuellig Pharma acquires Singapore-based healthcare startup, Klinify

Singapore-based cloud-based health management system, Klinify, has been acquired by Hong Kong-based healthcare services provider, Zuellig Pharma. The acquisition is to support the development of technology that would help doctors streamline their workflows.

In Malaysia, Klinify has been used by over 800 doctors to digitalize medical records using tablet computers while still running on previous workflow processes. Klinify was founded by both Krish Surendran and Nishanth Sudharsanam, and was formerly known as Doctree.Asia.

Zuellig Pharma had invested in Klinify previously in May 2017 to support its regional growth and product development. In the tie-up, Zuellig also integrated its services such as product ordering and inventory management into Klinify’s application.

The use of digital channels helps to complement the existing businesses and unite the healthcare ecosystem, driving improved outcomes, and lower cost of quality healthcare for patients.

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