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Monday, April 22, 2024


A media coalition requests a federal investigation into Google’s removal of California news links

A media coalition urges US authorities to investigate Google's blocking of California news links, alleging potential legal violations.

Smarter AI for all: Lenovo unveils hybrid AI solutions that deliver the power of tailored generative AI to every enterprise in collaboration with NVIDIA

Discover the power of Lenovo's new hybrid AI solutions in collaboration with NVIDIA, bringing tailored generative AI applications to every enterprise and cloud.

Razer Fintech rebrands into Fiuu with a focus on pioneering digital payment solutions

Fiuu, formerly Razer Fintech, rebrands to lead in digital payments, aiming to innovate and empower businesses and consumers with new leadership.

Mistral partners with Microsoft, unveils new AI model and chat app

Explore the breakthroughs in AI with Mistral's latest model, Mistral Large, and its strategic partnership with Microsoft.

Intel and Microsoft unite in a pioneering chip manufacturing collaboration

Intel's ambitious collaboration with Microsoft in advanced chip manufacturing, signaling a strategic shift towards market leadership.

Layla acquires AI itinerary bot Roam Around, enhancing trip planning experience

Layla's acquisition of Roam Around strengthens its trip planning capabilities, reflecting a broader trend of AI integration in travel tech.

Snapchat’s quest for AR innovation amid economic challenges

Discover Snapchat's strategic moves in AR innovation amid economic challenges and partnerships' potential to drive its growth in the AR wearables market.

LG unveils transparent antenna for vehicles with Saint-Gobain Sekurit at CES 2024

Designed in partnership with global leader in glazing solutions, LG’s next gen transparent antenna delivers seamless design and enhanced telecommunications.