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Thursday, May 30, 2024


Opera integrates Google’s Gemini AI into the Aria extension

Opera integrates Google's Gemini AI into its Aria extension, offering users up-to-date information and conversational responses.

Urgent: The Arc browser’s Windows launch is under siege by hackers in a devastating malware campaign. 

Hackers exploit the Arc browser's Windows launch with a malvertising campaign, tricking users into downloading malware instead of using the browser.

Google’s AI overviews go viral, draw mainstream media scrutiny

Google faces backlash as AI-generated overviews in search results produce bizarre errors, highlighting the need for responsible AI use.

Logitech introduces MeetUp 2: An AI-powered conference camera

Logitech introduces MeetUp 2, an AI-powered USB conference camera for small meeting rooms, available in August 2024 for US$899.

Discover songs on YouTube Music for Android by humming

YouTube Music for Android introduces a new feature that lets you search for songs by humming, making it easier to identify your favourite tunes.

Logitech introduces a room booking assistant for enterprises in Logitech Sync

Logitech introduces a new room booking assistant in Logitech Sync for streamlined space and device management in enterprises.

Some Google Workspace users to retain free storage and more

Google Workspace users with legacy accounts are retaining free storage and gaining more, with some receiving additional storage at no cost.

Google struggles to correct weird AI answers in search

Google grapples with strange AI responses, racing to fix glitches and restore quality. Critics raise concerns over the company's output shift.