Sunday, December 10, 2023


Google enhances Bard with groundbreaking Gemini model

Google's Bard chatbot leaps forward with the innovative Gemini model, enhancing its capabilities and introducing advanced, multimodal user interactions.

Google unveils groundbreaking AI model, Gemini

Google's latest AI innovation, Gemini, promises to set new standards in artificial intelligence with its advanced capabilities and diverse applications.

YouTrip integrates with Google Pay

YouTrip's new integration with Google Pay offers Android users convenient mobile payments with zero-fee currency exchange and a special celebratory cashback campaign.

Google’s guidance on addressing 404 errors from external links

Explore Google's John Mueller's insights on handling 404 errors from inbound links, distinguishing between those worth fixing and those better left unresolved.

Android 14: Your comprehensive guide to Google’s latest update

Explore everything about Android 14, including its release date, new features, and detailed guides on accessibility, customisation, and security upgrades.

Sunbird suspends iMessage app for Android amid security issues

Sunbird's iMessage app for Android faces a temporary shutdown amid security concerns and doubts over its end-to-end encryption, sparking debate and investigations.

Google advises mastering SEO basics before chasing new trends

Google's Search Relations team emphasises mastering basic technical SEO and focusing on content quality over traffic for effective SEO performance.

Nothing withdraws chat app from Google Play due to privacy concerns

Nothing withdraws its Nothing Chats beta app from Google Play over privacy concerns following revelations of security flaws and potential data access by the platform provider, Sunbird.