Friday, February 23, 2024

ChatGPT: Veering towards AI disarray?

Discover the intriguing shift in ChatGPT's performance, from coherent and logical responses to a series of bizarre and nonsensical outputs.

Connecting Tomorrow: ASUS servers at MWC 2024 driving the evolution of 5G and AI excellence

Visitors invited to visit ASUS at showroom #2A2MR during MWC Barcelona 2024 international technology showcase.

Bioptimus Embarks on a Revolutionary AI Journey in Biology with US$35 Million Funding

Bioptimus, a Paris-based AI startup with a US$35 million seed round, is trailblazing in biology, aiming to transform healthcare with AI.

Fintech weekly roundup: Credit score dating, Robinhood’s rise, and PayPal’s AI investment

PayPal Ventures' first AI investment, a groundbreaking credit-score-based dating app, and Robinhood's remarkable financial upswing.

TikTok under scrutiny by European Commission for potential Digital Services Act violations

Uncover the details of the European Commission's investigation into TikTok's compliance with the Digital Services Act.

Google introduces new search innovations in Europe

Google has new search features in Europe, in line with the Digital Markets Act, set to enhance user experience and market competitiveness.

Reddit’s multimillion-dollar AI deal: A new era in content licensing

Reddit's pioneers US$60 million deal with an AI company is reshaping content licensing and AI development ahead of its IPO.

Nvidia eclipses Google in market valuation, securing the title of the world’s fourth largest company

Explore Nvidia's remarkable ascent to become the world's fourth-largest company, driven by its leadership in the AI and gaming sectors.

Singapore announces major investment in AI technology

Singapore announces a S$1 billion investment in AI to enhance local talent and develop a Southeast Asian language model.

Revolut introduces new AI scam detection for multi-currency cards

Revolut introduces an innovative AI scam detection for multi-currency cards is enhancing user protection against fraud.

OpenAI unveils Sora, a trailblazing video generation model

OpenAI's Sora is a cutting-edge video-generating model that is transforming the landscape of digital world simulation and video editing.