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Wednesday, June 26, 2024


Atome Financial secures debt facility to boost growth in Southeast Asia

Atome Financial secures a debt facility to expand its credit portfolio and introduce new financial products across Southeast Asia, driving regional growth. launches operations in North America, a leading AI marketing platform from Singapore, has expanded into North America to revolutionise marketing with its AI-driven solutions.

Gentari partners with Virta to expand Southeast Asia’s EV charging network

Gentari teams up with Virta to enhance Southeast Asia's EV charging infrastructure, aiming to lead the market and accelerate regional EV adoption.

Amazon extends Prime Day to six days of deals in Singapore

Amazon's Prime Day is a six-day shopping event in Singapore from July 16 to 21, with great deals, activities, and benefits for Prime members.

Apple aims to cut iPhone assembly workers by 50%

Apple plans to cut iPhone assembly workers by 50% using automation, aiming for efficiency and a diversified supply chain amid US-China trade tensions.

China contemplates countermeasures after the US curbs tech and AI investments

China responds strongly to US plans to curb tech and AI investments, threatening countermeasures and urging respect for market economic principles.

Shopify launches the AI “Sidekick” to help merchants manage their stores

Shopify's new AI chatbot, Sidekick, launches in early access to assist merchants with managing their stores and other AI tools to save time.

Record labels sue AI companies for copyright infringement

Major record labels, including UMG, Sony, and Warner, sue AI companies Suno and Udio for copyright infringement, demanding up to US$150,000 per work.

AT&T remains committed to providing landline service in California

AT&T must keep providing landline services in California after the CPUC denied its request to end its COLR duties, ensuring reliable communication.

Biden administration to block Kaspersky antivirus software in the US

The Biden administration will ban Kaspersky Lab’s antivirus software in the US due to national security concerns over its ties to the Russian government.

Qualcomm agrees to pay US$75 million to settle a lawsuit linked to Apple complaints

Qualcomm agrees to pay US$75 million to settle a lawsuit with shareholders over its licensing practices, pending judicial approval of the settlement terms.