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Wednesday, May 22, 2024


Newgen partners with ASEAN Business Partners to expand in Southeast Asia

Newgen Software teams up with ASEAN Business Partners to enhance digital banking in Southeast Asia as of May 15, 2024.

Microsoft to unveil Surface devices powered by Snapdragon X Elite alongside Copilot updates

Microsoft will unveil new Surface devices with Snapdragon X Elite and Copilot updates at Build 2024, focusing on AI advancements and enhanced features.

Twitter rebrands to, Elon Musk’s 25-year vision realised

Twitter rebrands to, fulfilling Elon Musk's 25-year vision. Despite challenges, remains a leader in social media.

YouTube announces exciting updates at the Brandcast Event

YouTube updates include WNBA games, Creator Takeovers, non-skippable videos, and QR codes. More at VidCon Anaheim 2024!

Google’s helpfulness signals might change, but is it enough?

Google's potential changes to helpful content signals may not be enough to help many websites, despite promises to improve page rankings.

OpenAI researcher resigns over safety concerns and criticises focus on’shiny products’

Jan Leike resigns from OpenAI, citing concerns that AI safety has been overshadowed by the development of consumer AI products.

Google Sheets introduces one-click table formatting, delighting Excel switchers

Google Sheets' new feature allows one-click table formatting, streamlining data management, and exciting users familiar with Excel.

ASUS secures 35 awards at the 2024 Red Dot Product Design Awards

ASUS wins 35 awards at the 2024 Red Dot Product Design Awards, demonstrating excellence in diverse tech categories and reinforcing its design philosophy.

Vertex Ventures Japan introduces a new JPY 10B fund to boost startups

Vertex Ventures Japan launches a JPY 10 billion fund to invest in high-potential startups in Japan, aiming to foster growth and international collaboration.

Osome secures US$17M in latest funding round

Osome raises US$17 million in Series B funding to strengthen its balance sheet and accelerate its profitability, supporting over 13,000 SMBs globally.

Google unveils AI overviews in the US, with a global rollout expected soon

Google launches AI Overviews in the US, enhances search with AI-generated summaries, and plans to expand globally by year-end.