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Dreame X30 Ultra vs X30 Master: Which robot vacuum is better for you?

Compare the Dreame X30 Ultra and X30 Master, featuring the latest cleaning technology. Discover key differences in pricing, features, and dock systems to choose the best robot vacuum-mop for your Singapore home.

If you're in Singapore and seeking an upgrade to your cleaning routine, the Dreame X30 Ultra and X30 Master robot vacuum-mop combos are gaining attention. These advanced devices bring a new level of convenience to floor cleaning. With Singapore's varying home sizes—from compact HDB flats to larger condominiums—the right choice depends on your space and lifestyle needs.

The Dreame X30 Ultra stands out for its multi-functional base station and enhanced mopping technology, offering impressive cleaning power for larger homes. It has a robust auto-refill system, allowing for efficient and uninterrupted cleaning. In contrast, the Dreame X30 Master is designed for compact spaces. Its ultra-thin base station and streamlined design make it ideal for smaller homes and tight spaces.

Choosing between the X30 Ultra and X30 Master depends on your space requirements, cleaning preferences and proximity to water and drainage sources. As the exclusive distributor in Singapore, Dasher brings these state-of-the-art cleaning companions right to your doorstep.

Built-in water tanks vs hookup kit system

Dreame X30 Ultra vs X30 Master Which robot vacuum is better for you - 1

The Dreame X30 Ultra and X30 Master have distinct designs that cater to different spaces. The X30 Ultra features a robust build with a multi-functional base station of 45.7 x 34 x 59.1 cm, making it suitable for larger areas. Its sleek black finish, similar to that of the DreameBot L20 Ultra, complements a modern aesthetic. The controls are intuitive, with a clear button layout on the base station and the robot, ensuring easy operation.

Dreame X30 Ultra vs X30 Master Which robot vacuum is better for you - 4
Dreame X30 Ultra vs X30 Master Which robot vacuum is better for you - 3

The X30 Ultra features a built-in 4.5L water tank and a 4.0L used water tank in its base station, allowing it to store and refill water automatically. This setup is ideal for users who prefer a standalone robot vacuum-mop combo without needing external water connections. The large tank capacity ensures it can handle extensive cleaning sessions without frequent refills.

Dreame X30 Ultra vs X30 Master Which robot vacuum is better for you - 13

In addition to the main tank, you can also connect the X30 Ultra's base station to a water source and a drainage point, allowing it to empty dirty water after cleaning the mops and washboard. This self-cleaning feature reduces maintenance, making it a convenient choice for those who want a hands-free cleaning experience. The water tank and drainage are neatly integrated into the base station, maintaining a clean and organised look.

Dreame X30 Ultra vs X30 Master Which robot vacuum is better for you - 14

The X30 Master, on the other hand, is designed with compactness in mind. Its base station measures only 48.5 x 42.6 x 28 cm, which fits neatly into tight spaces. The robot vacuum has a clean, streamlined design, offering a minimalist look that blends seamlessly into any home décor. The control buttons are easily accessible and have responsive touch functionality.

Unlike the X30 Ultra, the X30 Master doesn't have a built-in water tank. Instead, it directly connects to your home's water source for automatic water refill and drainage. This approach is ideal for smaller spaces where a large base station might not be practical. The X30 Master requires a water hookup kit to connect to your home's water pipes and drainage system, enabling it to refill and drain without manual intervention.

Dreame X30 Ultra vs X30 Master Which robot vacuum is better for you - 2

The base station's design is ultra-thin, measuring just 28 cm in height, significantly smaller than the X30 Ultra. This compact design makes it easy to fit into tight spaces, while the connection to a water source ensures a continuous supply for mopping. The absence of a built-in water tank contributes to the X30 Master's minimalistic aesthetic, making it ideal for modern Singaporean homes with limited space.

Power-packed performance and real-life results

The Dreame X30 Ultra and X30 Master robot vacuums offer the same features; in fact, they look 99% similar, except for the extra row of exhaust outlets on the X30 Ultra. 

Dreame X30 Ultra vs X30 Master Which robot vacuum is better for you - 7
Dreame X30 Ultra vs X30 Master Which robot vacuum is better for you - 8

The Dreame X30 Ultra and X30 Master deliver exceptional performance thanks to their 8,300 Pa suction power, which can handle everything from fine dust to larger debris. They glide smoothly across different floor types, from hardwood to low-pile carpets. Real-life tests show that these robot vacuums effortlessly handle pet hair, crumbs, and dirt. 

Dreame X30 Ultra vs X30 Master Which robot vacuum is better for you - 6

Their multi-functional base station allows for automatic water refill and drain, a time-saver for busy households. In addition, the auto-mop cleaning with 60°C hot water ensures that stains and odours are effectively tackled. The Dreame X30 Ultra even offers a significant improvement over its predecessor, the L20 Ultra, particularly in terms of washboard functionality. It features an upgraded washboard with a roller and moving mechanism, providing a more effective cleaning process for the mop pads. This advanced design ensures that the mop pads are thoroughly cleaned, reducing residual dirt and stains that might otherwise be left behind.

Dreame X30 Ultra vs X30 Master Which robot vacuum is better for you - 5

The auto-empty feature on the X30 Ultra can hold up to 75 days' worth of dust and debris with the 3.2L dust bag, reducing the need for frequent manual emptying. These features make it an excellent choice for those who value convenience. 

The ultra-thin base station of the X30 Master doesn't compromise performance either, and the electric hatch opens with a simple touch for easy access to the dust bag. Although it lacks the water tank of the X30 Ultra, its direct connection to a water source provides a constant water supply for mopping. Its 4.2L dust bag capacity is slightly larger than the X30 Ultra, allowing extended use without frequent emptying.

Dreame X30 Ultra vs X30 Master Which robot vacuum is better for you - 12
Dreame X30 Ultra vs X30 Master Which robot vacuum is better for you - 10
Dreame X30 Ultra vs X30 Master Which robot vacuum is better for you - 11

Advanced features for versatile cleaning

The Dreame X30 Ultra and X30 Master come with innovative features that enhance their versatility. One key capability is the MopExtend RoboSwing Technology. This feature allows the robot vacuum to extend its mop heads to clean hard-to-reach corners and edges. This technology ensures thorough cleaning, even in narrow spaces and under furniture. The X30 uses this feature to reach up to 4 cm into crevices, providing comprehensive cleaning coverage.

Dreame X30 Ultra vs X30 Master Which robot vacuum is better for you - 9

Another critical feature is the Carpet Cleaning Strategy, which adjusts the vacuum's suction power to suit different types of carpets. With its 8,300Pa suction power, the X30 can lift heavy debris and effectively clean low-pile carpets. This versatility makes them ideal for homes with mixed flooring.

The X30's smart obstacle avoidance system is another standout feature designed to identify and avoid more than 70 types of objects. This feature, powered by AI and LED technology, allows the robot vacuum to clean efficiently without getting stuck. The obstacle avoidance system ensures that the robot can navigate through dimly lit spaces and around common household obstacles, providing a seamless cleaning experience. This combination of smart technology and versatility makes both models highly effective for various cleaning tasks in Singaporean homes.

Smart control with a versatile mobile app

Both the Dreame X30 Ultra and X30 Master are compatible with a mobile app, giving users greater control over their cleaning routines. The app allows you to schedule cleanings, set specific cleaning zones, and even control the robot remotely. This level of control is particularly useful in Singapore, where you might be out of the house for extended periods but still need to maintain a clean environment.

Dreame X30 Ultra vs X30 Master Which robot vacuum is better for you - 15

The app's user interface is intuitive and easy to navigate. You can monitor the cleaning process in real-time, receive notifications about maintenance tasks, and even create custom cleaning schedules to suit your lifestyle. This level of and control enhances the overall user experience, allowing you to manage your cleaning tasks efficiently.

Dreame X30 Ultra vs X30 Master Which robot vacuum is better for you - 16

The app supports voice assistants like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Siri for those who value smart home integration. This compatibility allows you to use voice commands to start or stop cleaning sessions, making it even more convenient. Whether you're in the kitchen, living room, or away from home, you can control your robot vacuum with ease.


The app also provides insights into the robot's performance, offering tips on maintenance and cleaning optimisation. You can track the robot's cleaning history, check battery levels, and even update the to ensure you're always using the latest features. This comprehensive mobile app experience adds significant value to both the X30 Ultra and X30 Master, making them versatile cleaning solutions for modern Singaporean homes.

The verdict: Dreame X30 Ultra vs X30 Master

FeatureX30 UltraX30 Master
Obstacle AvoidanceLDS 360° LDS / AI / LEDLDS 360° LDS / AI / LED
Suction Power (Pa)8,3008,300
Mop ExtendMop Extend 3.0Mop Extend 3.0
Main Brush Type (Liftable)Full Rubber Brush / Hair Cutting Brush 2.0 (Optional)Full Rubber Brush / Hair Cutting Brush 2.0 (Optional)
Mops Type / RaisingDual Rotary / 10.5mm RaisingDual Rotary / 10.5mm Raising
Video / Voice CallTwo-WayTwo-Way
Auto Washboard CleaningYesYes
Clean / Used Watertank Capacity4.5L / 4LNot available
Mops Self-Clean / Hot Air DryYesYes
Mops Hot Water Wash60°C60°C
Auto Mops RemovalYesYes
Auto Water / Detergent RefillYesYes
Auto Water Refill & Drain (Water Hookup Kit)OptionalBuilt-In
Dirt Detection (Mop Twice)YesYes
Dust Bag Capacity3.2L4.2L
Base Station Dimensions457 x 340 x 591 mm485 x 426 x 280 mm (Compact Size)

The Dreame X30 Ultra and X30 Master are advanced robot vacuum-mop combos with similar features but different docking systems and pricing structures. The X30 Ultra, priced at S$1,869 without installation, is designed for users who prefer a comprehensive solution with a built-in water tank. With an additional kit and installation, the price goes up to S$2,378, which includes professional installation and a setup for automatic water refill and drainage. This model suits larger homes or those seeking a more self-contained cleaning experience.

On the other hand, the X30 Master offers an ultra-thin base station, ideal for compact spaces, with a starting price of S$2,169 without installation. This model requires a direct connection to a water source, and with installation, the cost is S$2,419, reflecting the additional equipment and professional services needed. The Master is an excellent option for smaller homes or apartments where space is a premium, offering a seamless and unobtrusive design. Your choice between the two models will depend on whether you prefer the comprehensive setup of the X30 Ultra or the compact, space-saving design of the X30 Master, along with your budget for installation and additional features.

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