Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Honor of Kings: Tencent’s flagship game eyes expansion in MENA and beyond

Explore the ambitious global expansion of Tencent's Honor of Kings, as it launches in the MENA region, Eastern Europe, and South Asia.

Secretlab MAGNUS Pro: The ultimate desk for the tech-enthusiast

Secretlab's MAGNUS Pro desk combines ergonomic height adjustment with an integrated power supply and sleek design, catering to gamers and professionals for an efficient, clutter-free workspace.

Nintendo postpones next-generation console launch to 2025

Nintendo's next-gen console, the Switch 2, is now set for an early 2025 launch, focusing on a robust first-party game lineup.

Microsoft embraces multiplatform future with Xbox game releases

Microsoft's Xbox takes a bold step into the future by making four of its exclusive titles available on multiple platforms.

Diablo IV joins Xbox Game Pass: A significant expansion

Diablo IV set to join Xbox Game Pass, heralding a new era for the service following Microsoft's acquisition of Activision Blizzard.

Princess Peach unveils four new transformations in Showtime trailer

Nintendo unveils four captivating new professions for Princess Peach's myriad transformations in "Princess Peach: Showtime" trailer.

Decades-old GTA games on Netflix gain popularity amidst GTA 6 anticipation

Excitement for GTA 6 leads to a surge in popularity for classic GTA titles on Netflix Games, showcasing the enduring appeal of the franchise.

Ubisoft sees solid growth in third quarter thanks to late 2023 releases

Ubisoft reports solid growth in Q3 driven by late 2023 releases, with significant increases in bookings and earnings.

Disney’s US$1.5 billion investment in Epic Games propels Fortnite into a new era of entertainment

Disney's monumental investment in Epic Games heralds a new era of gaming with beloved characters set to join the Fortnite universe.

Nintendo Switch sales surpass 139 million, confirmed as core business for 2024

Nintendo's Switch continues to dominate, with 139 million units sold and a strong outlook for 2024. Fans eagerly await news of a 'Switch 2'.

Pokémon Company investigates Palworld over alleged IP infringement

The Pokémon Company investigates Palworld over alleged IP infringement, as the game's popularity soars but faces accusations of plagiarism.