Sunday, December 10, 2023

Meta introduces default encryption in Messenger

Meta rolls out default end-to-end encryption in Messenger, which enhances privacy but raises questions about balancing user safety and data protection.

Google enhances Bard with groundbreaking Gemini model

Google's Bard chatbot leaps forward with the innovative Gemini model, enhancing its capabilities and introducing advanced, multimodal user interactions.

Smart Nation activities for your child this school holiday

Keep your children entertained and educated this school holiday in Singapore with Smart Nation activities like PlayScape, CityScape, Smart Nation Builder, and free coding lessons.

How many lumens do you need for your home projector?

Venturing into the home projector scene feels akin to navigating a fantastical galaxy filled with awe-inspiring spectacles and a sprinkle of mysteries waiting to...

Google unveils groundbreaking AI model, Gemini

Google's latest AI innovation, Gemini, promises to set new standards in artificial intelligence with its advanced capabilities and diverse applications.

YouTrip integrates with Google Pay

YouTrip's new integration with Google Pay offers Android users convenient mobile payments with zero-fee currency exchange and a special celebratory cashback campaign.

UK introduces AI age checks for online pornography

The UK proposes AI-based age verification for online pornography access, focusing on child safety while considering privacy and data security. Final guidelines are expected in early 2025.

Meta and IBM team up to champion open-source AI development

IBM and Meta's new AI Alliance promotes open-source AI development, focusing on innovation, safety, and transparency, with global support but without OpenAI's involvement.

Tencent’s streaming service outage adds to Big Tech’s woes

Tencent Holdings apologises for the Tencent Video service outage, adding to recent technical disruptions among major Chinese tech companies.

Samsung’s latest Galaxy S24 series: Titanium build, flat screens, and AI advancements

Discover Samsung's Galaxy S24 series: Featuring a titanium build, flat screens, AI advancements, and improved camera technology, set to revolutionise smartphone experience.

Singapore to significantly expand its AI workforce

Singapore aims to triple its AI talent to 15,000, focusing on education, reskilling, and infrastructure, reinforcing its position as a leading AI hub in the region.