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Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Discover the AI-enabled ASUS Vivobook S15: A new era in laptops

Experience the ASUS Vivobook S15, an AI-enabled laptop with real-time video upscaling, live captions, and advanced productivity features.

A new Google Pixel feature aims to prevent overheating

The Google Pixel's "Adaptive Thermal" feature could help users prevent overheating by providing cooling suggestions and emergency actions.

Google develops AI chatbots based on celebrities and influencers

Google is creating AI chatbots based on celebrities and influencers, powered by its Gemini models, to explore new AI strategies.

New Relic enhances AI deployment through NVIDIA integration

New Relic integrates with NVIDIA to boost AI deployment and monitoring, ensuring faster ROI and enhanced operational efficiency.

Google’s AI revolutionises the education sector

Google introduces Gemini AI in classrooms globally, enhancing educational tools and ensuring responsible, safe AI use for students and teachers.

Apple seeks to revolutionise AI integration with unique partnerships

Apple explores partnerships with major AI developers to integrate diverse AI models into its new Apple Intelligence system, revolutionising AI integration.

Typing for AI assistants offers a discreet alternative

Apple’s iOS 18 lets you type to Siri, offering a discreet and practical alternative to voice commands in noisy public spaces.

Updated versions of M4 Mac Studio and Mac Pro are expected in late 2025

Apple's M4 Mac Studio and Mac Pro are expected in late 2025, while the first M4 MacBook Pros are anticipated before Christmas this year.

Huawei introduces HarmonyOS Next, a new non-Android smartphone operating system

Huawei launches the beta version of its non-Android smartphone operating system, HarmonyOS Next, introducing new features and enhanced security.

Anthropic’s newest Claude chatbot outperforms GPT-4o in benchmarks

Explore Claude 3.5 Sonnet, Anthropic's latest AI model, now available. It excels at understanding nuance and visual input, outpacing GPT-4o benchmarks.

Apple to delay new AI features in Europe due to regulations

Apple delays AI features in Europe due to Digital Markets Act regulations, citing concerns over user privacy and data security.