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Tuesday, May 21, 2024


Apple’s latest update fixes a bug that resurfaced deleted photos

Apple releases iOS 17.5.1 to fix a bug that caused deleted photos, including nudes, to reappear. Users should update ASAP for privacy protection.

Intel’s Lunar Lake chip is set to enhance AI PCs later this year

Intel’s Lunar Lake chip enhances AI PCs, offering 1.4x faster performance than the Snapdragon X Elite. Set for Q3 release, with 40 million units targeted.

Apple will unveil the second-generation AirTag next year

Apple is set to release a second-generation AirTag with improved location tracking in mid-2025, featuring an enhanced chip for better performance.

Apple’s latest innovation: A stainless steel battery case for the iPhone 16 Pro Max

Apple's iPhone 16 Pro Max may feature a stainless steel battery case for durability and thermal efficiency, a potential game-changer.

Apple will launch Vision Pro in 10 countries after WWDC 2024

Apple plans to launch Vision Pro in 10 countries post-WWDC 2024 after training international staff, aiming to boost sales.

Google may switch to TSMC for future Pixel phone chipsets

Google may switch to TSMC for future Pixel chipsets, potentially improving performance and efficiency and impacting Samsung's ambitions.

Prepare for the ultimate tech showcase at CEE 2024 in Suntec Singapore

Join the excitement at CEE 2024 at Suntec Singapore from May 23–26 for great tech deals, prizes, and more with over 300 brands and 120 exhibitors.

Meta tests a new Tweetdeck-like feature for Threads

Meta tests a Tweetdeck-like feature on Threads to allow users to monitor multiple updates in one streamlined view.

Slack is under scrutiny for using user data to train AI without clear consent

Slack faces backlash for training AI models with user data without explicit consent, highlighting privacy concerns and the complexity of opting out.

Android 15 to introduce single-tap passkeys, enhancing user convenience

Android 15 brings single-tap passkeys, integrating login steps for faster access and improved features for seamless device transitions.

ChatGPT now supports direct uploads from Google Drive and OneDrive

OpenAI rolls out a new ChatGPT feature allowing direct file uploads from Google Drive and OneDrive, enhancing data analysis and interaction capabilities.