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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Emma Job

Emma is a freelance news editor at Tech Edition. With a decade's experience in content writing, she revels in both crafting and immersing herself in narratives. From tracking down viral trends to delving into the most recent news stories, her goal is to deliver insightful and timely content to her readers.

Lego printers use AI to create stunning mosaic masterpieces

Discover how the Pixelbot 3000 uses AI to turn simple prompts into intricate Lego mosaics, revolutionising traditional Lego art.

Both Naoe and Yasuke bring unique gameplay to Assassin’s Creed Shadows, says Ubisoft

Discover Assassin's Creed Shadows, where you can play as Naoe or Yasuke, each offering unique gameplay experiences in 16th-century Japan.

June Nintendo Direct confirmed: Get ready for exciting Switch game announcements

Discover what to expect from the June Nintendo Direct as the showcase highlights Switch games for the latter half of 2024.

Japan mandates Apple and Google to allow third-party app stores by the end of 2025

Japan mandates Apple and Google to allow third-party app stores by 2025 to promote competition, reduce app prices, and offer more user choices.

Insta360 launches Go 3S with 4K video and advanced features

Discover Insta360's Go 3S with 4K video, AI editing, Apple Find My, and waterproofing up to 10 m. Perfect for vloggers and adventurers alike.

Logitech unveils MX Ink Stylus for Meta Quest VR headsets

Discover Logitech's new MX Ink Stylus for Meta Quest, transforming VR creativity with 3D drawing and painting capabilities.

LinkedIn introduces new AI tools to enhance job searches

LinkedIn's new AI tools enhance job searches and applications, offering personalised career coaching and expanding LinkedIn Learning with AI courses.

Pinterest Announces Expanded AI Ad Tools to Enhance Performance

Pinterest introduces AI tools to improve ad performance with automated campaigns, background generation, and collages, enhancing user engagement.