Sunday, December 3, 2023

Artificial Intelligence

Alibaba introduces AI software to boost international trade introduces an AI tool to automate client-facing operations for merchants, aiming to boost international business and compete in a rapidly evolving market.

No-code AI and the bridge to business technology

Discover the role of No-code AI platforms in bridging business and technology gaps, empowering non-technical teams, and fostering innovation.

Meta restructures AI teams, focusing on generative AI development

Meta restructures its AI teams, focusing more on generative AI and dissolving its Responsible AI team amidst global efforts to regulate AI development.

YouTube introduces new policies for AI-generated content

YouTube introduces new policies for AI-generated content, focusing on mandatory disclosures, content removal options, improved moderation, and responsible AI tool development.

YouTube tests new AI features for improved user interaction

YouTube tests new AI features to enhance user engagement, including comment summaries and a conversational AI tool for a more interactive experience.

Snapchat: What happened to it and its current strategy amidst the rise of TikTok

For Snapchat, the rise of TikTok posed an existential problem. How could it differentiate itself in a world where its unique selling proposition was no longer unique?

Lenovo: From hardware dominance to shaping cloud infrastructure across the Asia Pacific

Lenovo is evolving from a hardware-focused company to a solutions-driven entity, marked by key partnerships like Formula 1 and innovative concepts like 'invisible infrastructure'.

Google Ads introduces AI features to enhance Performance Max

Google introduces AI-generated text and image creation to Performance Max Ads, offering enhanced asset generation and creative control for U.S. advertisers.