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Saturday, July 13, 2024

Artificial Intelligence

LinkedIn’s automated ‘Accelerate’ campaigns are available for all brands

LinkedIn expands its AI "Accelerate" campaigns for easier ad creation and better results, available globally soon.

A new bill aims to protect content from AI tampering

The COPIED Act aims to protect content creators from AI misuse by establishing guidelines to authenticate and detect AI-generated content.

TikTok enforces new ad rules to protect teens and improve AI transparency

TikTok's new ad rules restrict targeting teens and require AI content labels to protect users and boost transparency.

Shanghai publishes the first humanoid robot guidelines in China

Shanghai publishes China's first humanoid robot guidelines, focusing on safety, dignity, and ethical use to lead in responsible AI development.

The founder says Chinese AI can thrive with bigger models and more data

Stepfun's founder champions scaling laws and multimodality in AI development, predicting a trillion-parameter model revolution in China's AI industry.

Google Translate expands to 110 new languages using AI, including Cantonese

Thanks to AI, Google Translate has expanded to 110 new languages, bringing its total to 134 and promoting global communication.

Huawei and Wuhan Xinxin collaborate on high-bandwidth memory chips amid US restrictions

Huawei collaborates with Wuhan Xinxin to develop high-bandwidth memory chips amid US restrictions, aiming to advance AI technology despite challenges.

Salesforce unveils the first global LLM benchmark for CRM

Salesforce launches the first LLM benchmark for CRM, providing a strategic tool to evaluate AI performance in accuracy, cost, speed, and trust for business growth.