Sunday, December 10, 2023


Meta publishes new guide on maximising post-holiday promotions

Discover Meta's latest guide on post-holiday promotions, offering key insights and strategies for leveraging the unique Q5 period to boost sales.

No-code AI and the bridge to business technology

Discover the role of No-code AI platforms in bridging business and technology gaps, empowering non-technical teams, and fostering innovation.

Microsoft Advertising shares holiday season marketing playbook

Microsoft Advertising's Festive Season Marketing Playbook provides strategies and insights to help businesses maximise their reach and revenue during the festive shopping season.

Green marketing can be the key to your unique selling proposition

Discover how green marketing can serve as a unique selling proposition for your business. Learn how to attract a committed customer base and set your brand apart.

TikTok introduces new metric for ad conversion insights

TikTok's new Engaged View-Through Attribution metric offers deeper insights into ad conversions, enhancing understanding of TikTok ads' impact on purchases.

TikTok enhances campaign tracking with Rockerbox partnership

TikTok partners with Rockerbox to enhance campaign tracking, offering businesses deeper insights into customer journeys and improved analytics for effective marketing strategies.

Google Ads introduces AI features to enhance Performance Max

Google introduces AI-generated text and image creation to Performance Max Ads, offering enhanced asset generation and creative control for U.S. advertisers.

TikTok teams up with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

TikTok unveils a collaboration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, streamlining ad campaign management and optimising lead engagement for advertisers.