Saturday, December 2, 2023


Meta previews innovative AI tools for video and image creation

Meta's new AI tools for video and image creation offer groundbreaking possibilities for digital content creation, leveraging text prompts for personalised visuals.

Instagram unveils new content creation tools and improved analytics

Instagram introduces new content creation tools and analytics features, including advanced video editing, custom stickers, and improved engagement tracking, for an enhanced user experience.

Meta’s new ad-free subscription limits ad options

Meta's new €9.99 ad-free subscription for EU users unexpectedly limits their ability to run or boost ads, aligning with data privacy laws while maintaining Meta's ad-based revenue model.

Meta introduces account deletion feature in Threads app

Meta introduces a feature in Threads app allowing account deletion without affecting Instagram profiles, enhancing user control and signalling a move towards more open social media interactions.

Instagram introduces new feature to share post replies in Stories

Instagram's latest update allows users to share post replies in Stories, enhancing interaction and community engagement starting today.

Meta introduces new tools for Reels, including A/B testing and rewards for reach

Meta introduces new Reels features for creators, including A/B testing and incentives for increased content reach, amid algorithm relevance concerns.

Instagram introduces feature allowing collaborative carousel posts

Instagram is testing a new feature that allows users to create collaborative carousel posts, aiming to promote more meaningful and direct engagements within the app.

Instagram’s Threads gears up for developer engagement with an upcoming API

Instagram's Threads is working on an API to engage developers, aiming to enhance user experience and expand its features while steadily growing its user base.