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Thursday, May 30, 2024


Meta boosts generative AI features across platforms for greater impact

Meta is expanding its use of generative AI across WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger, to play a more significant role in these markets.

Instagram’s innovative feature ‘Blend’: A customised Reels experience for you and your mate

Discover Instagram's "Blend", a new feature in development that aims to create a personalised Reels feed for you and a friend.

Instagram revamps hashtag search to enhance discovery

Instagram updates hashtag search, broadening discovery by connecting users to comprehensive search results, not just top posts.

Meta’s social media platforms Facebook and Instagram recover after worldwide disruption

Meta's Facebook and Instagram platforms encountered a global outage due to technical issues were promptly restored.

Widespread outage hits Meta’s Facebook and Instagram, affecting global user base

Meta faces a significant challenge as Facebook and Instagram experience a global outage, impacting over 300,000 users.

Instagram enhances DM experience with message editing, pinned chats, and more

Explore Instagram's new DM features including message editing, pinned chats, customisable read receipts, and unique chat themes.

Instagram introduces interactive games in live-streams to boost user engagement

Instagram’s new live-stream games like “This or That” and “Trivia” aim to revolutionise user engagement and interaction.

Instagram rolls out new ‘Meta Verified’ comment filter

Instagram's new 'Meta Verified' comment filter, a feature designed to prioritise and enhance interactions with verified accounts.