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Monday, April 22, 2024


Staple raises US$4M Seed funding from Wavemaker Partners

Funds will be used for hiring, market expansion, and supporting continued AI innovation.

A new era for GGV Capital as it splits into Granite Asia and Notable Capital

GGV Capital splits into Granite Asia and Notable Capital, marking a new chapter in venture capital with a focus on Asia-Pacific and the Americas.

PasarPolis sees double growth, 250% GWP increase, aims for profitability in Southeast Asia expansion

PasarPolis reports a doubling in revenue and a 250% increase in GWP, aiming for profitability with over 2 billion policies issued in Southeast Asia.

Uzum: Uzbekistan’s pioneering unicorn revolutionising the digital marketplace

Uzum, Uzbekistan's groundbreaking e-commerce startup, becomes the nation's first unicorn, promising a digital revolution.

ShopBack embarks on a strategic workforce reduction

ShopBack reduces its workforce by 24% in a strategic move to ensure sustainability, offering generous support to affected employees.

Taiko secures US$37M for web3 development aimed at censorship-free internet

Taiko secures US$37M to build a censorship-free internet using blockchain, aiming for decentralisation in social platforms.

Revolut unveils innovative Mobile Wallets in Singapore

Discover how Revolut's new Mobile Wallets feature in Singapore is transforming the ease and speed of international money transfers.

Lapse’s unique blend of vintage and modern photography: Securing US$30M in funding amidst market growth

Explore the fascinating story of Lapse, an innovative app that marries the charm of analogue photography with digital technology.