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Tuesday, May 21, 2024


Activision probes hacking threat: Gamers’ credentials at risk

Activision investigates a malware scheme targeting gamers, stealing credentials via disguised software and plans actions.

Activision’s QA workers lead the way in video game unionisation

The unionisation of Activision's QA department, assisted by the CWA, establishes the largest video game union in the US.

Microsoft discusses launching Xbox mobile store

Microsoft plans to launch an Xbox mobile store, challenging Apple and Google and building on its recent acquisition of Activision Blizzard amid a complex regulatory environment.

Roblox China trims its workforce after two years of inactivity

Roblox China lays off 15 employees after nearly two years of paused services but remains committed to the Chinese market. The layoffs are part of a larger shift in the company's strategy.

No Activision Blizzard titles on Xbox Game Pass until 2024

Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer confirms that no Activision Blizzard games will be available on Xbox Game Pass until 2024, despite the company's recent US$68.7 billion acquisition

LinkedIn announces another round of layoffs, over 600 positions affected

LinkedIn, backed by Microsoft, unveils a second round of layoffs for 2023, affecting 668 jobs across various departments.

Microsoft’s US$68.7B Activision acquisition gets UK’s green light

The UK's CMA endorses Microsoft's US$68.7B acquisition of Activision, marking a pivotal juncture in the cloud gaming sector with restructured cloud-streaming rights.

Anticipation builds as Activision Blizzard hints at Xbox Game Pass integration post-Microsoft acquisition

A recent tweet from Activision Blizzard teases the integration of its titles with Xbox Game Pass post the nearing Microsoft acquisition, although specifics remain unclear.