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Wednesday, May 22, 2024


Intel’s Lunar Lake chip is set to enhance AI PCs later this year

Intel’s Lunar Lake chip enhances AI PCs, offering 1.4x faster performance than the Snapdragon X Elite. Set for Q3 release, with 40 million units targeted.

Google may switch to TSMC for future Pixel phone chipsets

Google may switch to TSMC for future Pixel chipsets, potentially improving performance and efficiency and impacting Samsung's ambitions.

Google’s helpfulness signals might change, but is it enough?

Google's potential changes to helpful content signals may not be enough to help many websites, despite promises to improve page rankings.

OpenAI researcher resigns over safety concerns and criticises focus on’shiny products’

Jan Leike resigns from OpenAI, citing concerns that AI safety has been overshadowed by the development of consumer AI products.

Rumours hint at a major redesign for ‘iPhone 17 Slim’ in 2025

Apple is rumoured to be redesigning the iPhone for a 2025 release with the 'iPhone 17 Slim', featuring advanced technology and a sleek new look.

Google enhances mobile accessibility for users with low vision

Google unveils new Android accessibility features, enhancing navigation and communication for users with low vision.

Microsoft introduces ‘air gapped’ AI for handling top-secret information

Microsoft has launched a secure 'air gapped' AI model for top-secret data, operating on a government-only network without internet connectivity.

Rumours and expectations: Your guide to Nvidia’s upcoming 5000 series GPUs

Explore what you can expect from Nvidia's upcoming 5000 series GPUs, including potential release dates, rumoured specs, and performance enhancements.