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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Digital Economy

Salesforce launches new initiative to boost AI capabilities for Singapore’s SMEs

Salesforce’s new Data + AI Boost SME Programme seeks to assist 5,000 SMEs in Singapore in leveraging AI and data for growth, in collaboration with IMDA.

Affinidi: Pioneering the future of personalised experiences and data privacy in the digital age

Affinidi pioneers personalised digital experiences and data privacy with zero-party data and Holistic Identity, enhancing trust and innovation in Singapore’s digital economy.

Singapore and Shenzhen enhance Smart City ties with 14 new ventures

Singapore and Shenzhen strengthened their smart city collaboration with 14 new projects and eight MOUs, deepening their digital innovation partnership.

Singapore’s digital economy shows promising growth with a notable rise in tech jobs

Singapore's digital economy sees a positive surge, contributing 17.3% to the GDP, with over 200,000 tech jobs created in 2022, showcasing a promising digital future.