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Tuesday, June 25, 2024


Duet AI (Gemini) for Google Workspace ushers in a new era of collaboration

Explore how Gemini for Google Workspace revolutionises collaboration with AI, offering tools for enhanced productivity, creativity, and data protection for all team sizes.

Google’s latest initiative: Combatting spam with enhanced guidelines for email senders in Gmail

Google intensifies efforts to combat spam emails in Gmail by implementing stringent measures for high-volume senders.

Google rolls out new guidelines for bulk email senders

Google's new rules from February 2024 target bulk email senders to enhance inbox security and reduce spam.

Google to phase out basic HTML version of Gmail by next year

Google plans to phase out the basic HTML version of Gmail by January 2024, directing users to its feature-rich 'Standard View.'

Top 10 apps Vietnamese use most

As smartphone penetration in Vietnam has been on an upward trend within the last decade or so, the proliferation of apps among the Vietnamese has increased....