Wednesday, February 21, 2024


Google removes page cache links: A shift in search results

Google retires page cache links: Discover the impact of this change and potential future changes in web search.

WordPress strengthens security with latest update

Learn how the latest WordPress update, version 6.4.2, tackles a critical security vulnerability to provide better website protection.

Google claims Core Web Vitals saved over 10,000 years in load times

Google's Core Web Vitals optimisations have saved Chrome users over 10,000 years in loading times in 2023, showcasing the importance of user experience enhancements.

Google finalises transition to mobile-first indexing

Google completes its shift to mobile-first indexing, enhancing user experience by prioritising mobile pages during crawling and indexing and making alterations to its Search Console.

Google finalises its October 2023 spam update

Google wraps up its October 2023 Spam Update to enhance search results and combat spam, particularly for non-English queries. Here's what you need to know and how to adapt

WordPress 6.4 boosts website speed through enhanced script loading

WordPress 6.4 significantly improves website speed by introducing intelligent script loading features, offering website developers and visitors a smoother, faster experience.

Google sets a date for ending third-party cookies in Chrome

Meta description: oogle announces plans to phase out third-party cookies in Chrome by Q3 2024, starting with 1% of users in early 2024.

7 Key factors to consider when choosing the best web hosting for your site

Choosing the right web hosting service for your site is an important decision, as it can impact the performance, security, and accessibility of your...