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Thursday, May 30, 2024


Urgent: The Arc browser’s Windows launch is under siege by hackers in a devastating malware campaign. 

Hackers exploit the Arc browser's Windows launch with a malvertising campaign, tricking users into downloading malware instead of using the browser.

US charges LockBit ransomware mastermind and offers a US$10 million reward

The US DOJ indicts Dmitry Khoroshev, the alleged LockBit ransomware leader, with a US$10 million reward offered for information leading to his capture.

Google begins manual action on site reputation abuse, with algorithmic measures to follow

Google initiates manual actions on site reputation abuse, with algorithmic updates to follow, targeting low-oversight third-party content.

Google’s John Mueller provides clarity on recovery from core updates

John Mueller of Google clarifies recovery processes for sites hit by core updates, stressing the need for quality improvement and strategic realignment.

Google Search and Maps introduce upgrades for greener travel

Explore Google's latest updates to Maps and Search, designed to help you make more sustainable travel choices.

Google collaborates with consent platforms to enhance website speeds

Google teams up with Consent Management Platforms like OneTrust to bolster website speeds and user experiences by fine-tuning the INP metric.

Google removes page cache links: A shift in search results

Google retires page cache links: Discover the impact of this change and potential future changes in web search.

WordPress strengthens security with latest update

Learn how the latest WordPress update, version 6.4.2, tackles a critical security vulnerability to provide better website protection.