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Monday, April 22, 2024


TikTok throws its hat into the search engine ring, rewarding savvy creators

TikTok ups the ante in the search engine game, rewarding creators who tailor content to user searches. Will it rival search engines?

TikTok bill makes its way through the House, but the app remains for now

The US House has passed a bill that could ban TikTok unless ByteDance divests, but the app remains available.

TikTok takes a leap into photo sharing with “TikTok Photos”

Step into the new era of photo sharing with "TikTok Photos," TikTok's latest venture poised to transform the social media landscape.

TikTok broadens its monetisation options for creators

Explore TikTok's enhanced monetisation strategies, including new subscription options for creators and upgraded support resources

TikTok under scrutiny by European Commission for potential Digital Services Act violations

Uncover the details of the European Commission's investigation into TikTok's compliance with the Digital Services Act.

EU court rejects TikTok’s attempt to stall antitrust rules implementation

EU court rejects TikTok's attempt to delay implementation of antitrust regulations, requiring compliance with Digital Markets Act rules.

TikTok unveils latest Certified Creator program graduates

Learn about TikTok's new Certified Creator Program graduates, skilled in brand collaboration and creative content and ideal for boosting your 2024 marketing efforts.

TikTok aims for a 10-fold increase in in-stream commerce by 2024

TikTok sets its sights on a tenfold increase in in-stream commerce by 2024, aiming to transform the shopping habits of Western consumers amidst challenges and strategic shifts.