Sunday, December 3, 2023


TikTok pivots to longer videos to boost creator earnings

TikTok is shifting its focus to longer videos to improve creator earnings and align with advertising models, marking a significant change in its content strategy.

ByteDance scales back gaming venture with mass layoffs

ByteDance reduces its gaming division, Nuverse, amid modest performance, leading to mass layoffs and questioning the effectiveness of its strategies in the gaming industry.

TikTok introduces new metric for ad conversion insights

TikTok's new Engaged View-Through Attribution metric offers deeper insights into ad conversions, enhancing understanding of TikTok ads' impact on purchases.

TikTok LIVE Fest 2023: A new era for live-stream creators

TikTok's LIVE Fest 2023 sets the stage for live-stream creators to shine, offering global recognition, rewards, and a push for live-stream commerce.

Snapchat: What happened to it and its current strategy amidst the rise of TikTok

For Snapchat, the rise of TikTok posed an existential problem. How could it differentiate itself in a world where its unique selling proposition was no longer unique?

ByteDance’s VR unit, Pico, faces setbacks and staff reductions

ByteDance's VR unit, Pico, faces staff reductions and strategic shifts amid sluggish sales and challenging market conditions, focusing on hardware and core technology development.

TikTok enhances campaign tracking with Rockerbox partnership

TikTok partners with Rockerbox to enhance campaign tracking, offering businesses deeper insights into customer journeys and improved analytics for effective marketing strategies.

TikTok teams up with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

TikTok unveils a collaboration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, streamlining ad campaign management and optimising lead engagement for advertisers.