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Wednesday, May 22, 2024


Twitter rebrands to, Elon Musk’s 25-year vision realised

Twitter rebrands to, fulfilling Elon Musk's 25-year vision. Despite challenges, remains a leader in social media.

OpenAI researcher resigns over safety concerns and criticises focus on’shiny products’

Jan Leike resigns from OpenAI, citing concerns that AI safety has been overshadowed by the development of consumer AI products.

Why fearless disagreement leads to team brilliance

In any team, diversity in thought and opinion is vital. Discover why fearless disagreement creates a richer pool of ideas & sparks creativity.

5 Essential management skills for startup leaders to survive the first year

By honing these essential management skills, you'll have a resilient, visionary, adaptive, empathetic, and communicative leadership style that will give you the confidence and capability to navigate uncharted waters towards success.

Women in tech, and the organizations that empower them

A culture reset is needed to change the game for women in tech