Friday, February 23, 2024


Layla acquires AI itinerary bot Roam Around, enhancing trip planning experience

Layla's acquisition of Roam Around strengthens its trip planning capabilities, reflecting a broader trend of AI integration in travel tech.

Japan’s digital nomad visa: A new era for remote work and travel

Japan introduces a game-changing digital nomad visa, inviting remote workers to experience work and travel in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Google unveils new AI functionalities for Google Maps

Discover the new AI-powered features in Google Maps, assisting in trip planning, exploring unknown areas, finding EV charging stations, and visual searching, making your experiences more intuitive and engaging.

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Amidst the travel restrictions brought about by the pandemic, a quick scroll through the social media feed would feature countless throwback travel photos from...

7 Travel Apps That Modern Travelers Need To Know

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The Future of Travel Marketing: Are You There at the Micro-Moments?

Travel has never been easier. Since the advent of technology, the Internet has changed how travelers decide what to buy and how to buy....