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Tuesday, June 25, 2024


Google revamps Android Auto with groundbreaking updates

Google enhances Android Auto with new features like Google Cast and expanded app support, aiming to improve entertainment and navigation for drivers.

The rise of the microcar: Compact EVs are making their mark

Explore why microcars are gaining popularity in congested cities and discover key models making a mark in the compact EV market.

Google Search and Maps introduce upgrades for greener travel

Explore Google's latest updates to Maps and Search, designed to help you make more sustainable travel choices.

Beond airline elevates in-flight entertainment with Apple Vision Pro on routes to Maldives

Beond Airline introduces the Apple Vision Pro on their new routes to the Maldives, offering an unmatched in-flight entertainment experience.

Layla acquires AI itinerary bot Roam Around, enhancing trip planning experience

Layla's acquisition of Roam Around strengthens its trip planning capabilities, reflecting a broader trend of AI integration in travel tech.

Japan’s digital nomad visa: A new era for remote work and travel

Japan introduces a game-changing digital nomad visa, inviting remote workers to experience work and travel in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Google unveils new AI functionalities for Google Maps

Discover the new AI-powered features in Google Maps, assisting in trip planning, exploring unknown areas, finding EV charging stations, and visual searching, making your experiences more intuitive and engaging.

Top 8 high tech hotels to visit around the world in 2022

Holographic meetings, robot concierges and underwater music systems are no longer items of science fiction