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Tuesday, June 25, 2024


Razer Fintech rebrands into Fiuu with a focus on pioneering digital payment solutions

Fiuu, formerly Razer Fintech, rebrands to lead in digital payments, aiming to innovate and empower businesses and consumers with new leadership.

What’s happening with wearables and devices in MedTech?

Discover how wearable technologies, equipped with advanced sensors and AI, are transforming healthcare. Learn about their role in monitoring health, managing chronic illnesses, and shifting towards proactive care.

Is hybrid work culture the new norm?

The world of work, as we once knew it, is morphing into something entirely different. A mere glance at recent headlines paints a vivid...

How to secure a job in the global tech market with the rise of remote work?

As we surf the waves of the 21st century, we're witnessing the inevitable rise of a dynamic trend – remote work. It was born...

What will it take for Asia’s economy to rebound post-pandemic?

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought social and economic disruption worldwide

How are Big Tech firms re-opening their offices and getting back to work?

There was rampant speculation that one of the long-term implications would be the end of the office

How the pandemic grows the QR codes adoption

Countries are considering making QR code use mandatory