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Wednesday, May 22, 2024


TikTok’s top content trends of 2023

Discover the memorable culinary trends, viral videos, and educational content that defined TikTok in 2023, shaping global culture and societal impact.

Compliance regulation: What it is and how to stay compliant?

Explore the critical role of compliance regulation in business, covering its importance, benefits, and tips for maintaining a culture of transparency and accountability to mitigate risks and foster sustainable growth.

Google presentation may bring new insights into search ranking

Discover how Danny Sullivan's presentation may alter our understanding of Google's search rankings, emphasising a broader interpretation of SEO guidelines.

YouTube introduces new policies for AI-generated content

YouTube introduces new policies for AI-generated content, focusing on mandatory disclosures, content removal options, improved moderation, and responsible AI tool development.

Google introduces new markup for educational videos

Google's new structured data for educational videos improves search results, allowing users to find relevant content faster and publishers to gain more visibility.

Meta publishes new guide to its lead gen ad options

Explore Meta's new guide on lead gen ads for direct and responsive customer engagement, which is crucial for businesses in the evolving landscape of private messaging and DMs.

TikTok rolls out a special campaign for parents

TikTok has launched the "Parents of TikTok" campaign, a new initiative to celebrate and support parents using the platform.

How to launch a startup that will succeed

Starting your own business is always a difficult prospect