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Wednesday, May 22, 2024


Reddit explores search ads to capitalise on Google traffic gains

Discover how Reddit plans to monetise its search pages by introducing ads, capitalising on high user intent and Google traffic.

Reddit introduces fresh ad creation features, including AI-generated headlines

Reddit rolls out new ad creation updates, including AI-generated headlines, custom asset cropping, and improved bid management.

Reddit takes the leap into the public market

Reddit's IPO marks a significant milestone, transforming it from a fringe platform to a mainstream hub, balancing growth with culture.

Reddit unveils ‘Reddit Pro’: A comprehensive analytics suite for enhanced brand engagement

Uncover the capabilities of Reddit's new 'Reddit Pro' analytics suite, tailored to enhance brand interaction and insights.

Google and Reddit join forces: Reshaping the landscape of search and AI

Google's US$60 million partnership with Reddit is set to revolutionise search and AI, making your it more connected and insightful.