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Thursday, May 30, 2024

Social Media

LG unveils ‘Optimism your feed’ to boost online well-being

LG Electronics launches 'Optimism your feed', a campaign designed to encourage the interaction with positive content on social media, aiming to enhance users' online well-being.

Twitter rebrands to completely

Twitter rebrands to, fulfilling Elon Musk's 25-year vision. Despite challenges, remains a leader in social media.

Prepare for the ultimate tech showcase at CEE 2024 in Suntec Singapore

Join the excitement at CEE 2024 at Suntec Singapore from May 23–26 for great tech deals, prizes, and more with over 300 brands and 120 exhibitors.

Meta tests a new Tweetdeck-like feature for Threads

Meta tests a Tweetdeck-like feature on Threads to allow users to monitor multiple updates in one streamlined view.

Apple apologises for its iPad ‘Crush’ advertisement

Apple apologises after its 'Crush' ad for the iPad Pro drew criticism from the creative community.

Google seeks to dismiss the US government’s antitrust lawsuit

Google has asked a Virginia court to dismiss a DOJ lawsuit that accuses it of monopolising the digital advertising sector.

Gym teacher accused of framing the principal with an AI voice clone

A gym teacher was arrested for allegedly using AI to frame a high school principal with fake racist remarks.

Apple withdraws Meta’s WhatsApp and Threads from the China app store amid stricter regulations

Apple removes Meta’s WhatsApp and Threads from its China App Store, complying with the country’s strict internet regulations.