Sunday, December 10, 2023

Social Media

X set to recruit engineers in Japan, says CEO

Under CEO Linda Yaccarino, social media company X announces its plan to hire engineers in Japan to develop specialised app features and affordable advertising solutions.

Meta introduces account deletion feature in Threads app

Meta introduces a feature in Threads app allowing account deletion without affecting Instagram profiles, enhancing user control and signalling a move towards more open social media interactions.

Meta publishes new guide to its lead gen ad options

Explore Meta's new guide on lead gen ads for direct and responsive customer engagement, which is crucial for businesses in the evolving landscape of private messaging and DMs.

Snapchat: What happened to it and its current strategy amidst the rise of TikTok

For Snapchat, the rise of TikTok posed an existential problem. How could it differentiate itself in a world where its unique selling proposition was no longer unique?

TikTok enhances campaign tracking with Rockerbox partnership

TikTok partners with Rockerbox to enhance campaign tracking, offering businesses deeper insights into customer journeys and improved analytics for effective marketing strategies.

Meta updates its Accounts Center for better data control

Meta has updated its Accounts Center, offering users more control over their data across Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. The update includes features to download and transfer your information easily.

The current state of social commerce: Thriving or struggling?

Discover the rise of social commerce, its impact on consumers and businesses, and how to navigate this evolving landscape.

Meta extends its broadcast channels to Facebook and Messenger

Meta is rolling out its broadcast Channels feature to Facebook and Messenger, giving creators and brands new avenues for direct engagement with their audience.