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How did TikTok overtake Google as the new search engine?

Google dominates the search engine business, processing an astounding two trillion searches yearly. So it's no wonder it's been the most visited website on the...

6 Steps to conduct deep Facebook analysis

Facebook is a prominent marketing platform now for many brands. No matter if you use it organically just by managing a page or a...

Martech stacks need a new center of gravity

Customers become more and more demanding every day. They want unique products, flawless customer experience, excellent customer support, emotional connection with a brand, and...

Data complexity: The rising sophistication of digital ad targeting

The use of the internet and social media have changed consumer behavior and the ways in which companies conduct their business

Top digital marketing best practices for startups in 2022

While digital marketing is here to stay, it will certainly continue to evolve

How to write social ads that users will actually enjoy clicking?

Social media used to be a virtual hub solely for documenting our personal lives and connecting with our inner circle. But over the past...

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