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Wednesday, May 22, 2024


Meta tests a new Tweetdeck-like feature for Threads

Meta tests a Tweetdeck-like feature on Threads to allow users to monitor multiple updates in one streamlined view.

Apple withdraws Meta’s WhatsApp and Threads from the China app store amid stricter regulations

Apple removes Meta’s WhatsApp and Threads from its China App Store, complying with the country’s strict internet regulations.

Threads introduces native GIF search for web users

Threads now supports native GIF search and posting on the desktop, making it easier for users to add animated flair to their posts.

Threads embraces the Fediverse: A peek into the future

Threads unveils its integration with the fediverse, offering a glimpse into a future of interconnected social media platforms.

Widespread outage hits Meta’s Facebook and Instagram, affecting global user base

Meta faces a significant challenge as Facebook and Instagram experience a global outage, impacting over 300,000 users.

Threads unveils live API test, enhancing social media management

Explore how Threads' live API test is transforming social media management, enabling post scheduling in third-party apps.

Meta introduces fact-checking on Threads to combat misinformation

Meta extends fact-check features to Threads, aligning with its efforts on other platforms, to enhance information integrity.

Instagram and Threads to limit political content recommendations

Meta announces changes to reduce political content recommendations on Instagram and Threads, giving users greater control.