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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

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Meta tests a new Tweetdeck-like feature for Threads

Meta tests a Tweetdeck-like feature on Threads to allow users to monitor multiple updates in one streamlined view.

is enhancing the web version of Threads with a new feature that mimics Tweetdeck, aiming to boost its utility for users by enabling them to monitor multiple topics, searches, and accounts all in one view.

The testing phase allows selected users to set up “pinned columns” that track updates on specific topics, tags, accounts, or search terms, with an option for these columns to automatically refresh with new . Currently, Threads supports up to 100 different columns, but this limit may be adjusted as the test continues.

Enhancing the user experience

This initiative is part of Meta's broader strategy to transform Threads into a more effective tool for real-time information. The company has recently added new features like a “recent” tab and trending topics to enhance the search functionality. The ability to track multiple feeds simultaneously not only increases the platform's usability but also addresses long-standing criticisms regarding the algorithm-driven “for you” feed, which often displays a disjointed mix of outdated posts and unrelated personal anecdotes.

Gradual rollout and user feedback

While it's unclear how many people are included in the initial testing phase, Adam Mosseri, a notable figure at Meta, indicated that the company is eager for user feedback on these changes. Meta typically introduces significant updates to a small group of users before expanding availability, suggesting a cautious approach to the rollout of this potentially game-changing feature.

As Meta continues to develop Threads, these enhancements could significantly improve how users engage with and consume content on the platform, making it a more formidable competitor in the social media landscape.

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Emma Job
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