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Thursday, May 30, 2024


Uvalde School shooting victims’ families sue Meta and Activision

Families of Uvalde school shooting victims sue Meta and Activision, alleging the companies exposed the shooter to harmful content and weapons.

Microsoft introduces ‘Windows Volumetric Apps’ for Meta Quest headsets

Experience 3D apps and objects on Meta Quest headsets with Microsoft's new ‘Windows Volumetric Apps’ feature.

YouTube announces exciting updates at the Brandcast Event

YouTube updates include WNBA games, Creator Takeovers, non-skippable videos, and QR codes. More at VidCon Anaheim 2024!

Meta introduces AI-powered ad creativity tools

Meta launches new AI tools to enhance ad creativity on Facebook and Instagram, promising more efficient ad creation and better results.

Microsoft introduces offline mode for OneDrive on the web for work and school accounts

Microsoft launches a new offline mode for OneDrive on the web, enhancing file access and management for work and school users.

Meta sets a new record in lobbying expenditures in early 2024

Meta sets a record by spending US$7.6 million on lobbying in Q1 2024, focusing on big tech legislation and online safety.

Google officially reaches US$2 trillion in market value

Google achieves a US$2 trillion market cap, showcasing strong growth and strategic AI integration amid industry challenges.

Meta’s long-term investment in generative AI may take years to yield profits

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg discusses the long-term investment in generative AI, expecting it to take years before it becomes profitable.