Sunday, December 3, 2023


WhatsApp introduces new Secret Code for Chat Lock feature

WhatsApp introduces Secret Code for Chat Lock, a new feature for enhanced chat privacy, allowing users to access locked chats using a unique password.

Meta publishes new guide on maximising post-holiday promotions

Discover Meta's latest guide on post-holiday promotions, offering key insights and strategies for leveraging the unique Q5 period to boost sales.

Meta restructures AI teams, focusing on generative AI development

Meta restructures its AI teams, focusing more on generative AI and dissolving its Responsible AI team amidst global efforts to regulate AI development.

Meta previews innovative AI tools for video and image creation

Meta's new AI tools for video and image creation offer groundbreaking possibilities for digital content creation, leveraging text prompts for personalised visuals.

Meta’s new ad-free subscription limits ad options

Meta's new €9.99 ad-free subscription for EU users unexpectedly limits their ability to run or boost ads, aligning with data privacy laws while maintaining Meta's ad-based revenue model.

Meta introduces account deletion feature in Threads app

Meta introduces a feature in Threads app allowing account deletion without affecting Instagram profiles, enhancing user control and signalling a move towards more open social media interactions.

Meta publishes new guide to its lead gen ad options

Explore Meta's new guide on lead gen ads for direct and responsive customer engagement, which is crucial for businesses in the evolving landscape of private messaging and DMs.

Meta introduces new tools for Reels, including A/B testing and rewards for reach

Meta introduces new Reels features for creators, including A/B testing and incentives for increased content reach, amid algorithm relevance concerns.