5 Best truck and fleet dashcam solutions

5 Best truck and fleet dashcam solutions

For any fleet manager looking to add security and safety to each vehicle and driver on the team, you probably do not need to know the value a GPS dashcam can be for your organization. However, it is the specifics of these additions that determine whether a particular dashcam system is the best solution for your fleet. Therefore, let us briefly look at the most compelling security features in modern dashcams before turning our attention to those specific models that meet these criteria.

Not your grandparent’s GPS system

Even if our grandparents had access to dashcams and GPS technology back in the day, it is safe to assume the equipment that has been developed in the last decade or so would dwarf their capabilities to the point where we could safely say that these are not our grandparent’s dashcams and GPS.

That is because, beyond them not having these capabilities, the available technology has wrought significant changes in how organizations can track their fleet vehicles and the employees that do the driving.

Technology brings higher levels of safety awareness and accountability

The tools mentioned above include such features as live video and views from your vehicle and your vehicle’s location. Common high-end features also include trip details that automatically update, providing a detailed data set in the event of an accident or roadside incident. 

Moreover, in addition to providing real-time updates on location, routing, and driver behavior behind the wheel, modern integrated artificial intelligence (AI) allows for the issuing of “distracted driver” alerts, as well as providing dispatchers and drivers the tools they need to navigate their routes better.

Benefits and savings of outfitting your fleet with GPS / dashcams

While fleet vehicles are statistically involved in far fewer roadside accidents than their civilian counterparts, they also tend to end up in court defending against fraudulent claims owing to the perceived “deep pockets” of fleet vehicles. However, with front collision video recordings, drivers and their companies can better defend themselves against fraudulent lawsuits. 

The goal of equipping each vehicle in a fleet result in a myriad of benefits such as lower fleet maintenance costs, reduction of roadside incidents resulting in boosted safety results, and decreased insurance premiums while enhancing increased asset security and liability coverage. For those looking to install the best dash cam and GPS system available on the market, the following represents an excellent starting point from which to make a buying decision.

Top five truck and fleet dashcam solutions

AVIC: Professional Elite Dash Cams top the list of any dashcam surveys for use in commercial fleet operations. Elite dual and single-lens options, AVIC has a solution with such features as dual channel visibility that provides insight on both the roadside conditions and what is happening inside the cab of the vehicle. Anti-tamper protection ensures that your fleet protection will not be compromised from either within or without. This offers a secured clear record should they become necessary in real-life conditions. AVIC products are a worthy addition to fleet management and protection. 

BlackVue: South Korean produced Blackvue checks all the boxes when it comes to providing fleet vehicle security. These dashcams have a much-deserved reputation in the dashcam market, owing to its superior materials and product. While somewhat on the higher pricing end, BlackVue’s value is understood with its offering of GPS logging, front and rear video coverage, remote access, and the ability to glean real-time information, this allows for enhanced driver training and the opportunity to change processes, routes, and procedures on the road.

GPS Technologies: This company is a top-tiered provider of dashcam and GPS telematics for fleet vehicles, drivers, and dispatchers. It is lowering risks with tamper-proof protection that safeguards critical traffic and driving records for ongoing analysis and protection against lawsuits. With both front and rear-facing cameras, the GPS dashcam combo offers products that place a premium on the ability to gain real-time data resulting in heightened safety and lowered operating costs.

Samsara: San Francisco based Samsara has carved out a name for itself as a high-end purveyor of quality dashcam technology. Their system’s various features include providing trips and routing details that regularly update, offering a detailed record should an accident or roadside incident. Samsara’s product also gives real-time updates on location, routing, and your driver’s behavior with such innovations as artificial intelligence allows for the issuing of distracted driver alerts that allow for ameliorative behavior training moving forward that result in safer drivers and lower operating costs overall for the entire fleet.

Smartwitness: Headquartered in London, England, Smartwitness rounds out our top five lists of truck and fleet dashcam solutions. Smartwitness has provided high-end dashcam solutions and GPS connectivity, and telematics since 2007. They offer dual-channel visibility that gives insight into both the roadside conditions and what is happening inside the vehicle’s cab. Anti-tamper protection ensures that your vehicles will not be damaged, stolen, or compromised. Taking fleet security seriously is their highest priority, and the success of that objective is on display in the form of a sophisticated and effective dashcam solution.

Dashcams and GPS: Changing the way we travel

With the advent of dashcams and GPS technology, the ability to move goods from point A to Point B and beyond has been greatly heightened. With advanced technological innovations, fleet dispatchers are not left wondering what is going on out on the road with their drivers. Indeed, with instantaneous and continuous updating in real-time, fleet managers have never exercised such control over their vehicles, and the result is a more efficient, safer, and cost-effective way to manage your shipments once they have left the dock. Whether a shipping fleet that traverses the continent or the sole delivery van at the local bakery, dashcam footage provides a level of protection that businesses can appreciate as they watch operation cost lower and safety records rise with the use of such available technology.

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