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Decades-old GTA games on Netflix gain popularity amidst GTA 6 anticipation

Excitement for the upcoming release of “Grand Theft Auto 6” is causing a surge in popularity for classic GTA titles on 's platform. Take Two Interactive's CEO, Strauss Zelnik, revealed during an earnings call that the “Grand Theft Auto Trilogy” has become the top downloaded game on Netflix Games following the announcement of GTA 6.

The “Grand Theft Auto Trilogy,” comprising “Grand Theft Auto III,” “Grand Theft Auto: Vice City,” and “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas,” originally released between 2001 and 2004, experienced a revival in interest after Take Two announced GTA 6. This trilogy quickly ascended to the forefront of Netflix Games, demonstrating the enduring appeal of these iconic titles.

The halo effect spurs increased engagement

Zelnik attributed the surge in downloads of the “Grand Theft Auto Trilogy” to the “halo effect” generated by anticipation for GTA 6. He noted that the excitement of the upcoming release has revitalized interest in the entire GTA franchise, propelling older titles to the forefront of gaming platforms.

“The announcement of GTA 6 has had a halo effect across the entire franchise,” stated Zelnik during the earnings call, emphasizing the impending sequel's significant impact on the popularity of previous GTA titles.

Moreover, Netflix's gaming platform has provided a convenient avenue for gamers to revisit these classic titles, contributing to their resurgence in popularity. The accessibility offered by Netflix Games has enabled a new generation of players to experience the iconic gameplay and immersive worlds of the GTA trilogy, further amplifying its appeal.

Strategic collaboration with Netflix

Netflix's partnership with Take Two to introduce the “Grand Theft Auto Trilogy” to its gaming platform has proven a resounding success. Zelnik commended the collaboration, labelling it as a significant achievement for both parties. With the success of the GTA trilogy on Netflix Games, Take Two is considering expanding its presence on the platform by introducing more games in the future.

“We'd love to do more with Netflix. Who wouldn't? As long as the consumers are happy to be there and as long as the economics of those arrangements make good sense,” expressed Zelnik, hinting at potential future collaborations between Take Two and Netflix.

The anticipation surrounding GTA 6 has revitalized interest in classic GTA titles and sparked excitement for the franchise's future. With Take Two poised to launch dozens of new titles in the coming years, the gaming industry eagerly awaits the transformative impact of these releases.

Goldstein projected a revenue of “a little above” US$7 billion for fiscal year 2025, indicating the potential for significant growth and success in the years ahead. Despite a temporary dip in stock prices following the announcement of GTA 6's distant release date, the overwhelming online response to the game's trailer underscores the immense anticipation and excitement surrounding the franchise's future.

In addition to driving engagement on Netflix Games, the announcement of GTA 6 has also had a ripple effect on other aspects of the franchise. Sales of “Grand Theft Auto V” exceeded expectations last quarter, further highlighting the enduring popularity of the GTA series.

Furthermore, the title's first trailer, released in December, set YouTube's record for views for a non-music video, garnering over 170 million views. This overwhelming response underscores the immense anticipation and excitement surrounding the highly anticipated sequel.

As Take Two gears up for the launch of GTA 6 in 2025, the company anticipates a period of transformative growth and innovation. With a diverse portfolio of titles and strategic partnerships, Take Two is well-positioned to capitalize on the continued success of the GTA franchise and solidify its position as a leading player in the gaming industry.

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