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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Apple Watch

An early leak reveals the details and design of the Google Pixel Watch 3

Early leaks of the Google Pixel Watch 3 reveal potential design, battery improvements, and a possible larger model.

Apple stops covering hairline cracks on iPhones and Apple Watches under warranty

Apple no longer covers hairline cracks on iPhones and Apple Watches under warranty, treating them as accidental damage.

Samsung to introduce a new Galaxy Watch7 model to compete with the Apple Watch Ultra

Samsung is set to launch the Galaxy Watch7 Ultra on July 10, featuring a squarish design and enhanced features to rival the Apple Watch Ultra.

Peloton waves goodbye to GymKit: The switch to one-tap tracking

Peloton's departure from GymKit support for Apple Watch ushers in a new era of fitness tracking. Where will that lead us?

Apple Watch ultra launch faces delay due to the cost of the microLED screen

The launch of the Apple Watch Ultra faces potential delay due to the high cost of microLED screens, posing challenges for Apple.

Apple stands firm in blood oxygen sensor patent dispute

Apple stands firm in its decision to forgo a settlement in the patent dispute, impacting the blood oxygen sensor feature in Apple Watches.

US import ban impacts specific Apple watch models amid patent row

The US import ban on select Apple Watch models over patent disputes with Masimo Corp takes effect, impacting Series 9 and Ultra 2 models. Apple is challenging the decision.