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Wednesday, May 22, 2024


Major US mobile carriers were fined nearly US$200 million for sharing customer location data

The FCC fines AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon nearly US$200 million for illegally sharing customer location data without consent.

Koltiva launches state-of-art groundbreaking EUDR solutions to enable businesses navigate the EU regulation on deforestation

Indonesia-based sustainable agriculture and supply chain traceability startup, KOLTIVA, draws on over 11 years of expertise supporting over 8,000 businesses across 61 countries, now introduces its EUDR Solutions.

LG Magna acquires Cyber Security Management System Certification

Verification from leading certification organisation confirms company’s commitment to protecting its vehicle components against evolving cyber threats.

Understanding data center tiers: From basic to enterprise-level

Discover how to choose the right data center tier for your business, balancing operational needs, growth plans, and budget constraints for optimal performance.

EU court rejects TikTok’s attempt to stall antitrust rules implementation

EU court rejects TikTok's attempt to delay implementation of antitrust regulations, requiring compliance with Digital Markets Act rules.

Compliance regulation: What it is and how to stay compliant?

Explore the critical role of compliance regulation in business, covering its importance, benefits, and tips for maintaining a culture of transparency and accountability to mitigate risks and foster sustainable growth.