Friday, February 23, 2024


Adobe Acrobat unveils AI assistant for enhanced document interaction

Adobe Acrobat's AI Assistant - a beta feature transforming document interaction with summarisation, Q&A, and more for subscribers.

Google introduces new search innovations in Europe

Google has new search features in Europe, in line with the Digital Markets Act, set to enhance user experience and market competitiveness.

X unveils ‘Creator Targeting’: Transforming ad sponsorships in digital media

The new "Creator Targeting" ad option is transforming creator monetisation, offering brands a unique opportunity to sponsor premium content.

YouTube launches new RSS feed integration for podcasters

YouTube introduces RSS feed integration, streamlining podcast distribution for creators and expanding reach effortlessly with this feature.

TikTok unveils latest Certified Creator program graduates

Learn about TikTok's new Certified Creator Program graduates, skilled in brand collaboration and creative content and ideal for boosting your 2024 marketing efforts.

TikTok introduces new desktop tools for creators and marketers

Discover TikTok's latest desktop-based tools, featuring advanced analytics, an updated Creator Centre, and a new chatbot, enhancing the platform for creators and marketers.

Report highlights Reels on Facebook and Instagram overshadowing TikTok in view numbers

Uncover how Reels on Facebook and Instagram are outperforming TikTok in attracting views and shaping content strategies for 2024.

TikTok pivots to longer videos to boost creator earnings

TikTok is shifting its focus to longer videos to improve creator earnings and align with advertising models, marking a significant change in its content strategy.