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Tuesday, June 25, 2024


Messenger’s new community chats no longer need Facebook groups

Meta introduces new Messenger community chats, allowing you to connect with up to 5,000 people, even if you're not connected through Facebook groups.

Major educational publishers sue Google over pirated textbook promotion

Publishers sue Google for promoting pirated textbooks, raising major copyright and market integrity issues.

Political consultant charged with AI Biden deepfake robocall

A consultant faces charges and fines for using a deepfake of President Biden in a robocall scheme aimed at voter suppression.

OpenAI strikes a deal with News Corp for content licensing

OpenAI partners with News Corp in a landmark US$250 million deal, granting access to top-tier media content for AI training and user response accuracy.

YouTube announces exciting updates at the Brandcast Event

YouTube updates include WNBA games, Creator Takeovers, non-skippable videos, and QR codes. More at VidCon Anaheim 2024!

Google’s helpfulness signals might change, but is it enough?

Google's potential changes to helpful content signals may not be enough to help many websites, despite promises to improve page rankings.

Sony Music issues warnings to AI companies over unauthorised content use

Sony Music warns AI companies against unauthorised use of its content, highlighting the need for artist control and proper compensation.

Google unveils AI overviews in the US, with a global rollout expected soon

Google launches AI Overviews in the US, enhances search with AI-generated summaries, and plans to expand globally by year-end.