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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

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YouTube announces exciting updates at the Brandcast Event

YouTube updates include WNBA games, Creator Takeovers, non-skippable videos, and QR codes. More at VidCon Anaheim 2024!

YouTube recently unveiled several exciting updates and new features at its 13th annual Brandcast event held at David Geffen Hall, Lincoln Center. These announcements aim to enhance the platform's content and advertising capabilities.

One of the key announcements was a partnership between Google and Scripps , enabling YouTube TV to broadcast WNBA Friday night games on ION in both the home and away markets of the teams playing. YouTube TV will be the exclusive digital multichannel video programming distributor (dMVPD) carrying local and national WNBA games. Viewers can enjoy these games starting May 31 as part of the YouTube TV Base Plan throughout the regular season.

Creator takeovers via YouTube Select

YouTube is expanding its Creator Takeover option to more creators. This programme allows brands to collaborate with top YouTube creators, enabling them to have a 100% share of voice on the creators' channels. This move aims to leverage the strong connections between creators and their fans, providing brands with a unique advertising opportunity.

YouTube introduced a new -powered format optimised for connected TV (CTV), featuring non-skippable assets across in-stream inventory. This format aims to provide advertisers with a powerful tool to reach their target audiences effectively, particularly on CTV platforms.

Another exciting announcement was the launch of brand-name QR codes on YouTube. This feature allows advertisers to drive more interactivity by putting their brand front and centre in a modern QR code format. This innovation aims to enhance engagement with the target audience and provide advertisers with new ways to connect with users.

Executive insights and performances

YouTube's executive team also shared their vision and insights at the event. Neal Mohan, CEO of YouTube, emphasised the impact of creators, comparing them to the new Hollywood. He highlighted creators' business strategies, production teams, and their ability to redefine TV genres.

Mary Ellen Coe, Chief Business Officer of YouTube, emphasised the engagement of YouTube fans, highlighting their excitement for new videos and their rush to their favourite creators' channels. Sean Downey, President of Americas and Global Partners at Google, highlighted the role of Google AI in driving advertising ROI.

The event featured musical performances by Billie Eilish featuring FINNEAS, Benson Boone, Stray Kids, and various YouTube creators. A survey by Kantar found that viewers in the United States would choose YouTube as their #1 platform if they could only watch one service for an entire year.

YouTube's impact and future

According to Nielsen's total TV and streaming report for the US, YouTube has led in streaming watch time every month since February 2023. YouTube's internal data shows significant growth in CTV metrics, with views in the living room increasing by over 130% from 2020 to 2023. YouTube TV has also surpassed 8 million paid subscribers.

Advertisers also received valuable insights, including a higher long-term return on ad spend (ROAS) compared to TV, other online video, and paid social. AI-powered video reach campaign mixes have earned an average ROAS 3.7 times higher than manually optimised campaigns, according to a meta-analysis. Viewers in the US consider YouTube the #1 platform for gaming content, according to a Kantar survey.

With these new offerings and insights, YouTube continues to innovate and redefine the digital content and advertising landscape. Stay tuned for more updates at VidCon Anaheim 2024, which will take place from June 26 to 29, 2024, at the Anaheim Convention Centre.

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