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Tuesday, May 21, 2024


YouTube announces exciting updates at the Brandcast Event

YouTube updates include WNBA games, Creator Takeovers, non-skippable videos, and QR codes. More at VidCon Anaheim 2024!

Experience 8K VR on your Quest 3

Experience the future of VR with 8K resolution on your Meta Quest 3. Enjoy crystal-clear 360-degree videos and immersive VR180 content.

Google podcasts bid farewell, ushering users towards YouTube music

Google is set to retire its Podcasts app by April 2, urging users to migrate their subscriptions to YouTube Music for future listening.

YouTube launches new RSS feed integration for podcasters

YouTube introduces RSS feed integration, streamlining podcast distribution for creators and expanding reach effortlessly with this feature.

YouTube escalates the battle against ad blockers

Discover the latest in YouTube's intensified measures against ad blockers, the evolving tactics in the ad-blocking industry, and the implications for user experience and online advertising.

YouTube clarifies delay issue: It’s about ad blockers, not browsers

YouTube clarifies that the recent five-second delay issue is linked to ad blockers, not browsers, as part of its ongoing strategy against ad-blocking software.

YouTube introduces new policies for AI-generated content

YouTube introduces new policies for AI-generated content, focusing on mandatory disclosures, content removal options, improved moderation, and responsible AI tool development.

YouTube tests new AI features for improved user interaction

YouTube tests new AI features to enhance user engagement, including comment summaries and a conversational AI tool for a more interactive experience.